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28 Jul



Technuter covers VivaConnect’s Post-Budget Reaction

15 Jul

Post Budget reaction by VivaConnect   Technuter


Dial 022-4501-4501 – Union Budget Speech is now LIVE !

10 Jul



Dial 022-4501-5555 | Listen to Indian Rail Budget – It’s LIVE now!

8 Jul


Empowering 30 million interactions every day!

1 Jul

Empowering 30 million Interactions - VivaConnect

VivaConnect, held over 30 million interactions every single day in last 6 months, through services of Voice calls, Missed calls & SMS. These interactions originated over mobile phones and built a connect between brands and their customers through contests, games, surveys, feedback, polls, sampling, voting, notifications, coupons, registrations, authentications, referral programs, reward schemes, etc.

Being part of a service Industry, the guidelines prescribed by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) are stringently complied. Moreover, even each of the client is enlightened about TRAI’s guidelines; before proceeding with any of their campaign. Making it as a vital responsibility to ensure that the services promote convenience and are never a nuisance to mobile subscribers.

The figure makes it clearly evident that mobile phones have surpassed other media of connect owing to the individual reach, real-time engagement, two-way communication and almost zero cost per interaction.

VivaConnect  not only safeguards the clients but also thinks for the customers (end user) of their clients. This can be witnessed from the previous incident where as the concern grew for confidentiality & security of subscribers data, VivaConnect went to acquire Payment card industry Data Security Standard Certification (PCI DSS), to assure privacy & confidentiality of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and Specific Personal Identifiable Information (SPII) as per global information security policies for their clients. Its in process and they shall acquire it soon

‘Brands & Enterprises have increasingly taken up to Mobile marketing services for interacting with their customers. Now its the next phase where they seek for innovative concepts to enhance this engagement. So at VivaConnect, we work in close knit with our clients to reach their desired target audience, no matter how specific and vast their TG is. Together we focus over end-user experience & having simplest call to action.’, says Mr. Vikram Raichura (Managing Director, VivaConnect).

VivaConnect heads operations from Mumbai office & looks over northern India from their corporate office in Delhi. The clientele includes prominent Consumer Brands, BFSI enterprises, Entertainment Industry, Media Houses, TV & Radio channels, etc. The company was recently bestowed with 2 Gold Awards at IDMA 2014 for Best Innovation in Mobile Marketing and Best Use of Technology. In a way the outstanding ensemble has paved the path for leveraging brands connect over mobile with their customers, in India.

IIFL - VivaConnect empowers 30 million interactions every day The SME Times - VivaConnect empowers 30 million interactions every day

Mobile Marketing & Social Media – A Seamless Integration

13 Jun

As India gets its newest Prime Minister post the most epic electoral battle, Digital Media was seen on front run throughout the campaigning. Social media has grown exponentially strong over past 2 years. We all have experienced a firsthand dose to its immense power of reach. Over 33 million Indians are on twitter, 62 million Indians access Facebook on their mobile phones and more than 100 million Indians enjoy Internet.

Social media happens on Mobile
65% of time spent on social media happens over mobile for posting photos, using maps, playing games, sharing, blogging, etc. that’s exactly where opportunity lies for businesses to thrive. Needless to say Mobile marketing is the key to unlock this potential reach.

Let’s get one thing clear, Mobile marketing is not about selling your products but it’s about giving an experience. It’s about understanding the psyche of consumers and then engaging them smartly. One of the best experience that it offers is the quickest ‘call to action’. Nobody likes complex things, absolutely not if they are new to your product (Brand). So make it absolutely easier for them to engage with you.

Missed calls to download apps
Let’s say you have a mobile app that needs higher downloads, so why not save users the hassle of searching your app in the app store and instead give out a missed call number to download it. All they need to do is give a missed call to receive a download link via SMS, one tap and Voila!

One click/tap connects a call
When it comes to customer support, nothing beats a voice call experience. So create easy access points over banners & web pages using ‘Click-2-Call’ services. As & whenever one desires for any support or help, they can enter their mobile number at this access point & hit go to receive a phone call in return, thus establishing a connect between consumer & your customer support. Pretty simple ain’t it?

Mobile service are super easy
Mobile marketing services are amazing for registrations, coupons, voting, validation and authentication through ‘Click-2-Missed Call’ services. Integrate it by placing web ads & icons in a way that when accessed from mobile phones it will allow users to trigger a missed call without entering the number manually. Their action can be easily acknowledged over a SMS.

Don’t sell, offer an experience!
Mobile devices have changed the way we consume all sorts of online content and Mobile marketing has a lot in offering to ease the connect between brands and its consumers. It’s inevitable, and as we said earlier it’s not about selling the product but it’s about offering an experience.


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VivaConnect wins two Gold trophies at IDMA 2014

9 Jun
VivaConnect at IDMA 2014

From left to right: Colvyn J Harris (CEO, JWT South Asia / JWT Mumbai), Sunil Lulla (MD, Times Television Network), holding the trophy is Bharatesh Salian (CSO, VivaConnect), K.N. Raichura (Chairman, VivaConnect), Pranab Basu (VP – Sales & Operations, VivaConnect) and Shri. Arvind Gupta (IT Cell Convener, BJP)


It’s a celebration time at VivaConnect as we had a scintillating victory at 6th edition of Indian Digital Media Awards 2014 (IDMA). We proudly lifted not one but two Gold Trophies for our service – LiveTalk, as the Best Innovation in Mobile Marketing and Best Use of Technology.

LiveTalk was developed for Bharatiya Janata Party & extensively used during the pre-election campaigning to broadcast their rallies over voice call. It allowed them to reach & engage with masses spread across India, separated by distance but united by a device ‘Mobile’. The service proved effective where every other medium of Live telecast faced constraints of power cuts, inaccessibility to media (TV/PC), no internet connectivity & web-traffic, etc.

‘LiveTalk works as an on-demand channel over mobile to connect over a thousands of concurrent callers with Live events. The service can be accessed over any mobile handset and doesn’t require internet connectivity, it’s simply dial & connect. We can aptly say that it’s a poor man’s youtube’, conveys Mr. Vikram Raichura (Managing Director, VivaConnect) enjoying the appreciation received by LiveTalk.

Considering the fast paced lifestyle of urban populace & the limitations faced by media coverage in rural regions, LiveTalk proves extremely effective no matter how diverse one’s intended reach is. This service takes the world of mobility solutions miles ahead, literally.




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