VivaConnect assures the biggest bang for your buck!

Businesses, today, witness cut on advertisement budgets and increased pressure on marketing and advertising teams to deliver results without wasting a buck but traditional value proposition of marketing practice focuses on paying much before yielding the desired results.

Would you want to take such a risk of paying without any assurance of returns?

VivaConnect overcomes this challenge with its unique marketing model which integrates mobile marketing and Pay for Performance into one platform called – Pay for Performance Marketing.

We take the end-to-end responsibility of

  • Conceptualizing the campaign
  • Market segmentation
  • Delivering/Broadcasting promotional messages to customer
  • Lead generation through mobile marketing

You don’t have to pay for strategy, creative, manpower or infrastructure.

Yet you can promote your BRAND to a connected audience across India… that too for FREE.

So would you pay for anything at all??

You only pay for prospect responses that are generated… You are sure to love it.

Wish to avail our services:

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