VivaConnect gives your website the power of voice through ClickTalk!

In an era of squeezed margins and shrinking workforces, companies are looking for ways to get more out of less every day. Gone are the days when the marketing objective was confined to informing the prospects or existing customers about a product/service through websites.

Today, as per research, 84% of buyers are interested in getting their queries solved in real-time rather than waiting for the marketer to take the initiative. They are constantly in search of ways through which they can connect to your business bearing minimum pains.

As a solution, VivaConnect introduces another avenue – ClickTalk service for turning a web visitor into a satisfied customer with just a click! Enquiries are triggered by embedding a widget/button on your website, an email, an advertisement or an online listing. A visitor clicks on the “ClickTalk” icon, enters the telephone number and a call is dispatched to the customer. Moreover, the visitors are relieved from filling complex forms as a registration formality to use the service.

So what all you get through ClickTalk:

  • Service implementation at no cost
  • Integration on unlimited websites and pages
  • Customized  ClickTalk icons
  • Offline SMS/email notifications
  • Call logs for future reference
  • Call recording facility
  • Call scheduling

The built-in features reduce website abandonment and enables you to get better responses for your marketing efforts. It increases your sales conversions by making your website more interactive. You can call it your sure tool to online success!

So do not lose on customers that mean business!

To install ClickTalk for FREE:
Call us on 022.42930134
Mail us at
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