Discover the SECRET to sharpen your customer communications to near perfection!

As per research (Source), 41% of clients blamed mis-communications while 74% pointed to poor flexibility, and 71% reported the lack of integration of communication channels for affecting their loyalty. This indicates that ‘communication’ is one of the factors affecting the bottom-line of a business. This article gives an insight on how to render ‘meaningful communications’, observing minute details.

Firstly, ideology that ‘communication is one-way flow of information has to be changed. In reality, it’s a two-way continuous process that applies not only during Customer Acquisition and Service but also Retention. Each customer interaction is an opportunity to understand their needs, offer value added information or make a sales proposition.

Customer preference in terms of language and medium usage determines the success of communication. E.g. if you wish to reach a rural customer, usage of regional language would be more effective than communicating in English.

Time is as valuable to your customer as it is to you. Keeping customers on hold, delayed revert on customer queries, making them fill long-crappy forms etc render customer satisfaction to go for a toss. Timely communications drive positive impressions on the minds of the customer.

Building an emotional connection with customers has its own benefits. Digital media and interactive mediums enable this by giving your customers on-demand access to content, encouraging feedback, allowing real-time interactions etc.

Personalized message content with value added information adds to customer satisfaction and loyalty. The product may be the same but different customers will have different needs and will value those needs- even the same need- differently.

Lastly, complete the communication cycle by thanking a customer or encouraging feedback’s. Medium switchover is acceptable but failing to conclude a communication may cost your business.  This step ensures that you have kept no loopholes to hold your business profits, and can watch everything grow from there!

With digital media capturing the market, VivaConnect draws upon a comprehensive range of specialized services to create a unique road-map for each of its clients. Their feature-rich Voice, Email, SMS, Mobile Apps and USSD platforms allow clients to build powerful brands. By extending digital access to those who have not yet realized its benefits, VivaConnect is on the splurge-sharing the marvels of communication!


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