Businesses, today, are getting smarter about tracking and converting their online traffic. They optimize their online presence to increase their visitors, enhance customer loyalty and reduce website abandonment.

Your website flashes various call to action channels (Toll Free numbers, Live Chat, Email, Online Forms) for visitors to connect to you but here lies a communication gap.

Want to know WHY? Read ahead….

  • Toll Free Numbers – The usage of these numbers often results into vast number of unsolicited calls.
  • Live Chat – There is a loss of emotional appeal and most people can talk faster than they can type.
  • Email – It is more time-consuming for resolving complicated issues and often increases the turnaround time.
  • Online Forms – No one in actual fact wants to fill a form, they are more interested in your products and services.

Hence, the fact remains that to improve the online sales experience and “close the loop” there’s nothing as influential as the POWER of VOICE. It is proved that phone contact is preferred over any other communication alternative to close the deal for sales, support, service etc.

Bring the Power of Voice to your website with ClickTalk – Click to Call service by VivaConnect.

ClickTalk has arrived and now it’s time to make it work for your business, to improve online sales conversions and customer satisfaction. With JUST a click of a button on a website, visitors can immediately connect to your agent over the phone from any website or ad listing. The inherent features allow positioning of a website as a tool of meaningful communication and not mere information.

Beyond shadow of a doubt, by using ClickTalk services you can

  • Reduce website abandonment by 22 – 25 %.
  • Increase transaction conversions by almost 100 % as compared to toll-free.

With ClickTalk you can provide a direct platform for your web visitors to connect to you, that too through a medium that is connected to them 24×7 – PHONE!!

Get ClickTalk integrated on your website in just 3 minutes and convert your web visitors into customers today. Call 022.42930134 for a demo and avail FREE 100 ClickTalk minutes.

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