VivaConnect partners with TiE Dehli – NCR for TiECon Delhi 2011

In order to build powerful brands, VivaConnect creates a unique roadmap for each of its clients by enabling effective communications which are considered as pillars of success for an event. Recently it extended its SMS and Email marketing services to TiECon Delhi 2011.

VivaConnect left no stone unturned to enable them deliver meaningful communications. All the promotional efforts enabled them to receive high customer registrations. As a token of appreciation, Paritosh Sharma, Associate Director at TiECon Delhi NCR said,

VivaConnect‘s services are definitely useful for companies who aim at leveraging its marketing and lead generation efforts. They not only helped us reach the right audience but also effectively targeted them as potential clients for our conference – TiECon Delhi 2011. Being backed by a very prompt and responsive team, we certainly received maximum bang for the buck. In today’s competitive business environment, their technological platforms and products give them an edge over other players when it comes to fulfilling their client’s marketing and lead generation objectives.”

Being the communication partners for a two-day mega event, VivaConnect ensured that high brand visibility was enjoyed by both the parties. Each effort contributed to a strengthened business opportunity.

Carrying a strong belief in anchoring success through intelligent application of existing technology, VivaConnect extends the much-needed service through its proficient communication platforms. Thus giving an edge to your business, it assures that your event is just the way you want it to be!

– Team VivaConnect

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