CampaignConnect for Reliance Trends – Case Study

Company profile:
Reliance Trends, a subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited, was set up in the year 2008 with a vision to offer quality and fashionable clothing at remarkably low prices to explore the apparel retail industry. Today, housing almost 100 brands across the key markets in the country and owning as many as 16 brands in the in retail chain, Reliance Trends further plans to increase its presence to 100 outlets by 2012.

Marketing campaign:
Considering children as an integral part of the customer base, Reliance Trends organized ‘Toon Fest’- a gala event for enriching shopping experience for kids. Apart from the availability of special clothing range for kids, various entertainment activities were also carried on. The fest commenced on 3rd September and lasted till 3rd October, 2011. The overall objective of running this fest was to increase the event footfall which would consequently have a positive impact on sales. Mediums such as television, newspaper, hoardings, pamphlets, radio, SMS and toll free number were used for extensive promotions across the country aimed at inducing the target audience to make a call on their Toll Free number which directed the caller to the store traffic choice. The expectancy of call volume ranged between 300-400 calls per day. Needless to say, these marketing efforts attracted high volume of responses.

Business situation:
To proficiently manage the overwhelming responses, there was a need for a dedicated Call Centre set up by Reliance Trends in their own premises, addressing the queries. Though setting up a call centre would have enabled this, establishing the infrastructure for a single campaign would surely demand huge financial and human resources with additional expenses on recruitment and training the manpower. Doing all this just for a 40-day campaign was not at all feasible.


  • Setting up a Call Centre (within a week) to manage customer queries without draining managerial and financial resources

Looking into the constraints, call centre outsourcing was a viable solution for Reliance Trends. Hence, keeping pace with the technological advancements, VivaConnect proposed ‘CampaignConnect’- a Contractual Call Centre solution which was responsible for managing the communications during the event tenure. Reliance Trends was just required to pay for the agents without investing on any infrastructure. Apart from handling the inbound calls relating ‘Toon Fest’, CampaignConnect also involved:

  • Infrastructure set-up
  • Manpower recruitment
  • Training
  • Providing Toll Free number
  • Providing PRI lines
  • Connecting to the audience in real-time
  • Status reporting
  • Creating MIS Application
  • Sending SMS to callers about the required details

Through CampaignConnect, Reliance Trends was able to bridge the communication gaps rising out of vast call volumes. The real-time interactions with the agents enabled meaningful communications on behalf of Reliance Trends. Though the number of calls received went upto 700 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, VivaConnect’s team was able to address each caller successfully. On the cost front, VivaConnect managed it all in almost “quarter” of the total budget involved in setting up an in-house call centre infrastructure. To speak in totality, through CampaignConnect, Reliance Trends was able to achieve customer satisfaction and meet its marketing objectives.

What Reliance Trends has to say about us…

  1. What would you say is unique about VivaConnect’s services or our way of doing business? –  The speed at which the team was set up was quite impressive.

  1. In what way did VivaConnect add value to the service for which we were engaged?  – If you remember we had a lot of issues with the PRI link going up and it was your sheer interest in the project that we were able to push and get things done on time.

  2. In what way did we make it easy for you to do business? – The one thing that impressed us was your ability to adjust to the changes that we did at our end.

  1. Would you recommend VivaConnect to others? – YES.

  1. Should the opportunity arise, would you use our services again? – Definitely.

Are TRAI Norms – another clutch to meaningful communications!

With the rapid proliferation and use of mobile communication devices, lead generation through mobile marketing is an effective means of capturing attention of the consumers. Hence, more and more SMEs are using SMS as a response mechanism for their marketing efforts. However, with introduction of termination charges by TRAI, the market scenario has undergone a noticeable change.

According to the new norm, the operators from whose network SMS originate are liable to pay termination charge of 5 paise/SMS to the one on whose network these communications end. The implementation of regulation has shot the prices upto 7 paise/SMS, inversely affecting the volume of outgoing commercial messages.

SMSes which earlier provided an endless stream of fresh leads have now let the marketing prospects go for a toss. The observed inflation in SMS prices has reduced the number of enquiries or quality leads ultimately affecting the business growth.

Moreover, the regulation has a dual impact on the customers. At one end there is a “satisfied group” which has been relieved from unsolicited messages whereas on the other end there is “unsatisfied group” who considered the so-called pesky SMSes as a source of valuable information. The only beneficiary group in the process is the operators as the (enterprise) consumers or telemarketers will end up paying more for commercial messages.

To sum up, we can say that though TRAI has been able to meet its objective of getting rid of spamming issues, it has also cut off the legitimate usage scenarios. Crafting of a flexible solution through a convenient mechanism would have served the purpose in a much better way, developing a win-win situation for both consumers as well as operators.