Are TRAI Norms – another clutch to meaningful communications!

With the rapid proliferation and use of mobile communication devices, lead generation through mobile marketing is an effective means of capturing attention of the consumers. Hence, more and more SMEs are using SMS as a response mechanism for their marketing efforts. However, with introduction of termination charges by TRAI, the market scenario has undergone a noticeable change.

According to the new norm, the operators from whose network SMS originate are liable to pay termination charge of 5 paise/SMS to the one on whose network these communications end. The implementation of regulation has shot the prices upto 7 paise/SMS, inversely affecting the volume of outgoing commercial messages.

SMSes which earlier provided an endless stream of fresh leads have now let the marketing prospects go for a toss. The observed inflation in SMS prices has reduced the number of enquiries or quality leads ultimately affecting the business growth.

Moreover, the regulation has a dual impact on the customers. At one end there is a “satisfied group” which has been relieved from unsolicited messages whereas on the other end there is “unsatisfied group” who considered the so-called pesky SMSes as a source of valuable information. The only beneficiary group in the process is the operators as the (enterprise) consumers or telemarketers will end up paying more for commercial messages.

To sum up, we can say that though TRAI has been able to meet its objective of getting rid of spamming issues, it has also cut off the legitimate usage scenarios. Crafting of a flexible solution through a convenient mechanism would have served the purpose in a much better way, developing a win-win situation for both consumers as well as operators.

One thought on “Are TRAI Norms – another clutch to meaningful communications!

  1. I would congratulate TRAI for taking this initiative because, had these telemarketers focused on the so called “beneficieary” groups by honoring do not call registry, they would not have seen this day. Getting 20-40 SMS a day has eliminated the relevance of SMS on the phone giving more importance to BBM and iPhone Talk. People do not even read sms and bulk delete it. Even the interested one’s do not care much because the spamming lost the retention in their interest level. If there is one good example of throwing a spear on your own foot, this is the one.

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