VivaConnect acquires Movivation Labs to deliver Appsolute Mobility!

With mobile technology being around, it wasn’t pleasant enough for us to see  our customers carting around glossy sheets for checking their sales report, waiting for their laptops to boot in order to check their office stuff or going back to office for getting some important details of the clients.  Mobile applications being the flavor of the season, we continued to imagine the wonders it would bring if implied on business operations.

Today we are pleased to announce that we have acquired Movivation Labs Pvt. Ltd. that specializes in mobile and web applications development. As mobile keeps businesses and its stakeholders connected for almost all the time, we aim to take the enterprises beyond the desktop world, keeping the mobility factor high.

To express the objective of this business initiative, Vikram Raichura, Director –   Viva Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. acclaims, “Through this acquisition, we are eager to deliver our customers the benefits reaped out of combined business synergies. As the wise saying goes – well begun is half done; we intend to spare no efforts to drive deeper customer engagement across multiple touch points.”

We were amazed to see the suggestions of our prospects in terms of their unique requirements like photo-based chat applications, social media games, applications on survey etc.  May it be the department of logistics, sales or marketing, we intend to streamline the business activities, using their phones for other possible purposes than just making a call.

“Given that mobile applications are one of the ways to engage with customers, through them we aim to deliver incremental revenue to businesses and utmost value to their end-users, taking it much beyond what mobile web is already doing. With great initiatives backed by high enthusiasm, we look forward to treat mobile apps as a niche opportunity!” says Himanshu Khona, Director – Movivation Labs.

Following the legacy of our other products and services, mobile applications too will enable the customers to grab the benefits of effortless solutions. Placing mobile applications in their business sphere will consequently reduce paperwork increase productivity, and ultimately revenue. Moreover it will allow them to focus on business needs to get things done on their terms and with a lot less efforts. As we continue our journey strengthened by innovative ideas, we aim to meet the client requirements more extensively.

Our practice just conveys “It’s time for you to go mobile!”

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