VivaConnect expands its bandwidth via Loop mobile to relieve broking firms from SMS distress.

The amendments in TRAI regulations pertaining to Bulk SMS resulted into discontent among the stock brokers and its customers. As broking industry did not fall under category of “Financial institutions” as defined by TRAI, they were unable to send informational messages to its premium customers. This resulted into a shrink in their transactions by 10-15%, affecting the business.

To overcome this, we have taken an initiative of expanding our bandwidth in association with Loop Mobile. The additional capacity facilitates delivery of messages through Subscription Driven Message Transmission (Opt-in) Services.

Broking firms can now send investing tips, trade confirmation alerts, market fluctuation notification, forecasts or other value added information to their premium customers.

The highlights of this service are:

  • Compliance with TRAI norms
  • Easy integration with existing Customer Management System
  • Continuity in delivery of transactional messages

For the same purpose:

  • An Opt-in account is provided.
  • Sender ID is allocated by us as per the regulations laid down by TRAI/Dot/Operator.
  • Database of all end users, who have explicitly opted-in, via a message to a Virtual Number/Short code, or through a Missed call on a Virtual Number is maintained and shared.
  • As per TRAI guidelines, Opt-out campaign is carried to the complete database of end-users once in a month giving an
  • option and guiding them how to OPT OUT.
  • End users, who choose to opt-out from the service, get the messages only after re-subscribing to the service.
  • Service renewal campaign is carried out every 6 months as per TRAI guidelines.
  • The end users need to reply back with a confirmation for renewal. In case users don’t reply back, the number is blocked for sending further SMS.

 To know more details about this solution call on +022 6785 6734.

How to make QR codes your ‘new’ advertising friend?

You must have surely noticed those attractive squares with futuristic patterns on a white background. Yes, we are talking about QR codes found on product packaging, billboards, web pages, business cards, instruction sheets, manuals, or even on someone’s T-shirt.

Apart from providing your customer with the some important information, QR codes can be used as a link to deliver a more engaging customer experience. We tell you how!

  • Look before you leap!

To run an effective marketing campaign through QR, it is essential to understand the kind of information that you would be looking for as a customer. Apart from using an impactful content, you should make sure that it is equally fresh, unique and compelling enough for your customers to scan it. Such content can include links that land them to an information guide about your product/service, a demonstration, Sign up page for email newsletter or may be an e-book download!

  • A stitch in time saves nine!

There is no hurry for you your technical team to develop a QR code in few hours. Make sure that the landing page is such that its graphics are kept to minimum so that the page loads faster. It should highlight a few notable features of your products/services, creating a seamless engagement experience between customers and your brand. This will further ensure that your customers would want to come back to you.

  • Don’t judge the book by its cover!

It is a good idea to make you website that is graphically appealing but ensure that the customer enjoys the content on your landing page. Don’t forget to help them with information as to how to place an order, product range, your capabilities, contact details or a simple URL for future browsing.

  • A tree is known by its fruit!

If you provide a way for customers to go from the landing page to a cart page, set up a special cart page just for that originating URL for further tracking. If your QR code appearing in several publications during the same timeframe, set up separate landing pages and QR codes to track the response across publications.

  • Test your maximum and see how much you can do!

Once you are ready to execute your marketing campaign through QR code, don’t forget to test the entire process, from scanning the first version of your QR code to viewing the delivered content, checking the links, watching videos, listening audio files or testing the landing page. You can even encourage feedback from the sample group about the type of device they used, look and feel or the landing page, loading time, navigation issues etc.


If carefully executed, QR codes can prove to be potentially impactful technology available to marketers today which means your business should get in on the ground floor now. Before you know it, QR codes will be mainstream. Don’t let your business be left behind !!

VivaConnect introduces Subscription Driven Message Transmission (Opt-in) services.

Being a market leader, we understand the impact of TRAI Guidelines on the e-commerce and others businesses that are not covered under TRAI Guidelines currently, and their need for the sending critical informational messages to their customers and employees.

To facilitate uninterrupted communications, we have introduced Subscription Driven Message Transmission (Opt-in) services that will now enable you to meet your business requirements by allowing end-users to subscribe your message services.

The main highlights of this solution are:

  • End-users will NOT have to go through a tedious procedure to opt-in for your services.

  • The solution duly complies with the TRAI norms.

  • End users can continue to receive important messages without any hassles.

  • The solution can be easily integrated with your existing Customer Management System.

For the same purpose:

  • An Opt-in account will be provided to the customer.

  • The Sender ID of this account will be allocated by us as per the regulations laid down by TRAI/Dot/Operator.

  • We shall maintain a database of all end users, who have explicitly opted-in, via a message to a Virtual Number/Short code, or through a Missed call on a virtual number and details of the same will be shared with you as well.

  • We can also provide integrated solution that easily integrates with your existing Customer Management System and registers all your new end users who are opting in through your website or any other application.

  • As per TRAI Guideline, we will carry out campaign to the complete database of users once in a month giving option and guiding them how to OPT OUT if they wish so.

  • Users, who choose to opt-out from the service, will get the messages only after re-subscribing to the service.

  • As per TRAI guidelines, we will carry out campaign after every 6 months on behalf of customer to all end users for seeking renewal of the service.

  • The end users need to reply back with a confirmation for renewal. In case users don’t reply back, that number will be blocked for sending further SMS.

To know more details about this solution contact 022.42930134 or email at

Andhra Pradesh using SMS to fight outbreak of diseases !!

With mobile technology taking center stage today, people are just fond of using it in every walk of life. It is not only used for text messaging, communication and networking, but also for chatting, votes, registrations, ratings, emergency systems, marketing and statistics purposes.

The marvels of SMS communication is now extended to fulfill “prevention and cure” objective. The state of Andhra Pradesh is in the process of creating a project that uses SMS as a tool to track and prevent diseases.

Named as ‘Integrated Disease Surveillance,’ the project is being implemented by National Informatics Center (NIC). The underlying idea is to combat the spread of an epidemic by identifying it during the primitive stage itself.

Taking into consideration the growing penetration of mobile phones in the rural markets, NIC intends to use it as a platform to convey critical information. The health workers communicate disease-related information in their jurisdiction to a central server which automatically pinpoints the exact locations at which the disease outbreak is severe. The tracking involves usage of maps and hence just by looking at it, the government officials can quickly act on early warning signals of impending outbreaks by deploying the resources.

The built-in system is featured in a way that an alert is generated immediately after the disease count crosses a certain threshold. The information is shared with the health officials for taking quick decisions and to derive comparative results over a month earlier. To cite an example of the project success, early detection of the virus Anthrax in a district helped to prevent its outbreak, saving a thousand lives.

Being a low-cost solution, it is ideal for a country like India where infrastructure is characterized by high literacy levels and low internet penetration. Hence there are talks about deploying this solution in other states as well.

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