VivaConnect expands its bandwidth via Loop mobile to relieve broking firms from SMS distress.

The amendments in TRAI regulations pertaining to Bulk SMS resulted into discontent among the stock brokers and its customers. As broking industry did not fall under category of “Financial institutions” as defined by TRAI, they were unable to send informational messages to its premium customers. This resulted into a shrink in their transactions by 10-15%, affecting the business.

To overcome this, we have taken an initiative of expanding our bandwidth in association with Loop Mobile. The additional capacity facilitates delivery of messages through Subscription Driven Message Transmission (Opt-in) Services.

Broking firms can now send investing tips, trade confirmation alerts, market fluctuation notification, forecasts or other value added information to their premium customers.

The highlights of this service are:

  • Compliance with TRAI norms
  • Easy integration with existing Customer Management System
  • Continuity in delivery of transactional messages

For the same purpose:

  • An Opt-in account is provided.
  • Sender ID is allocated by us as per the regulations laid down by TRAI/Dot/Operator.
  • Database of all end users, who have explicitly opted-in, via a message to a Virtual Number/Short code, or through a Missed call on a Virtual Number is maintained and shared.
  • As per TRAI guidelines, Opt-out campaign is carried to the complete database of end-users once in a month giving an
  • option and guiding them how to OPT OUT.
  • End users, who choose to opt-out from the service, get the messages only after re-subscribing to the service.
  • Service renewal campaign is carried out every 6 months as per TRAI guidelines.
  • The end users need to reply back with a confirmation for renewal. In case users don’t reply back, the number is blocked for sending further SMS.

 To know more details about this solution call on +022 6785 6734.

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