Case Study On VoiceEngage

Company Profile:
The company primarily engages in refining, storing, marketing, and distributing petroleum products primarily in India. It also involves in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons. It caters to the fuel needs of various industrial customers comprising industries from the public and private sectors; and government establishments, such as defense, railways, state trading corporations, and state electricity boards.

Business Situation:
Already being a dominant brand in the industry for a long time, the company wanted to introduce its product-related offers to its existing rural and urban client base, by way of a promotion or a branding initiative. As per the offer, the customer would get a replacement in the product in exchange of an old one in use.

SMS and e-mail solutions were undoubtedly favorable options as they had mass reach. Since, the target audience comprised of the rural masses as well required consideration of literacy and language barriers as well. On the other hand, television as a medium failed on availability aspect while in case of radio, ignorance about timing of message broadcast and high costs posed limitations on usage. Hence, the need of the hour was to have a solution that would overcome these constraints and at the same time serve the purpose of communicating the message effectively.

Undertaking a promotional campaign to reach the masses, overcome the language barrier and keeping the cost minimum.

Looking into the constraints, VivaConnect proposed a viable solution- VoiceEngage which enabled them to reach its customers through voice based calls in their own language. Their communications were not just made meaningful but interactive too. Apart from this the solution included:

  • Conceptualization of the campaign
  • Scrubbing the database against Do Not Call Registry
  • Language customization
  • Message broadcast through voice calls
  • Feedback capture through DTMF inputs
  • Delivery Confirmation Reports

It enabled the company to:

  • Send message on voice call of 30 sec
  • Deliver meaningful interactions
  • Maximize its reach
  • Build rapport with customers
  • Provide “just-like-me” feel to its customers
  • Save on STD cost with One Price for All India

Through VoiceEngage, customers received messages in their regional languages thereby eliminating the communication gap and their responses were captured via DTMF inputs. Consequently, the company observed an overall response rate between 5-10% which was way more than what they expected. The emotional appeal of the messages resulted into customer engagement and relationship building. As a result, customer satisfaction and loyalty followed naturally. Moreover, apart from preserving its brand value, it was able to educate its customers about its product offers driving the ultimate sales as desired.

VivaConnect introduces ‘One-time Password’ Services on IVR.

We all have tried using e-commerce sites, online communities and various Internet Banking services for accessing transactional information or making a purchase through credit/debit card. And as per RBI guidelines, it is mandatory to authenticate these processes by a One-Time Password.

Until now, such passwords were sent to the customer via SMS. However, it has been realized that delivery of the same is bound by issues such as: non-delivery or delayed delivery due to lack of storage capacity (full inbox) or network problems. Moreover, the same were susceptible to fraud attacks or malicious activities.

Hence, in order to facilitate a secure and quick transactional access, we introduce One-Time Password (OTP) services on IVR through which e-commerce firms and banking institutions can ideally generate a dynamic password and deliver it to the customer through Voice calls.

To begin with, the customer will have to register his/her mobile number for the service activation.In future whenever he makes an online purchase or intends to view his bank account details, the login process would involve following steps:

  • The user will enter Internet Banking Access code and PIN (or other user credentials).
  • He will then be prompted to submit the OTP to continue his login process.
  • A 6-digit OTP will be sent to his registered mobile number in the form of an IVR, using which he can authenticate a transaction. 
  • The validity of the password would range from 1-4 hours depending on the bank or e-commerce entity.
The OTP generation functions like any other normal incoming call that a person receives thereby increasing the reachability. Moreover, they are less vulnerable to phishing attacks and hence offer a higher level of security and convenience to the user compared to SMS. Considering the benefits it avails, OTP over IVR can be beneficial in major banks and security-sensitive industries.
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VivaConnect’s Email360 platform sends more than 10 million emails per day, joins “The Big League”!

With an aim to provide our customers with the highest possible level of email services, we had been putting continuous efforts in upgrading our infrastructure. And now, with the increased server functionality, our Email360 platform delivers more than 10 million emails per day.

Apart from such high performance, the latest technological enhancements facilitate increased up-time and traffic management. By avoiding the scalability problems inherent with aging proprietary systems, it gains the back-end integration necessary to efficiently assemble dynamic messages in real-time.

Email delivery with an exceptional speed– is now our USP which has enabled us to be one of the ‘top-listed’ companies in the domain. We consider this as a big achievement and look forward to set more such records which shall bring us a step closer to our customers.

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