Agriculture community reaps benefits from mobile applications.

Mobile applications perhaps being the fastest growing segment, they have been able to cater utility, management, security and entertainment needs of the masses in real-time. Moreover, through its “anytime-anywhere access” factor, businesses and its employees are able to enjoy the convenience of carrying business operations irrespective of the location.

The same is evident in a latest initiative undertaken by Krishidhan Seeds-a leading agricultural biotech company in India that specializes in handling end to end marketing of high-quality seeds. The company recently equipped its marketing and on-the-field sales force with 3G enabled Android tablets to send weather forecast data, updates on pest and diseases, commodity market prices and other critical information to the farmers and agricultural communities.

Prior to this initiative, the incoming queries were taken care of through a phone call. As it did not provide any information related to the quality of the crop, the mechanism was ineffective in solving the purpose. By equipping its employees with technology-rich tablets, the company is now able to resolve the agriculture related issues and eliminate the communication gap.

The sales team makes effective use of 3G Services by taking photographs, video footage and voice data while on the field and sharing the same with the R&D department located miles away. In response to this intelligence, the department provides instant solutions to the farmers, enabling them to manage their agricultural produce, increasing the yield. Also, on the company’s end, the employees are able to achieve work-life balance and create the information flow anytime-anywhere, avoiding the dependency on the desktops. As an overall impact, the initiative has been powerful enough to cover as many as 1000 farmers per 3G enabled device which accounts to 3 lakh farmers are benefitted altogether.

To summarize, mobile applications are easing out things in every field of daily lives. One can observe PAN India connectivity and augmented application areas not only in urban areas but also in rural areas combined with improved services in wireless communication.

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