VivaConnect’s Pay For Performance Marketing

As a successful marketer you need to contribute to TOP line as well as to BOTTOM line

VivaConnect enables you to achieve both, through Pay For Performance Marketing.

In order to sell your product you need to market it and Pay For Performance marketing is one of the best tools available for the advertiser. In Pay For Performance marketing you just pay for the responses you get and not for the entire campaign.  Compare to any traditional mode of marketing you can now reach your target audience with minimum risk while yielding a high ROI.  Pay For Performance marketing makes it easy to for the advertiser to track the responses through various method such as from submission, query generated on longcode, shortcode, etc and accordingly channelize the resources for the preceding campaigns

VivaConnect provides  Pay For Performance marketing : 

– Across its digital platforms Voice, Email, SMS & Apps.

–  To a wide range of quality profile

–  With Response tracking mechanism

To get more insights about VivaConnect‘s  Pay For Performance marketing,

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