IVR and SMS mark its presence in education segment as well.

Until now, the State Board Examination results were accessible through internet. However, the strong instinct of students and parents, about procuring examination results in least possible time has given rise to a new trend. One can get his board results using mobile and landline phones. The objective of the service is to ease out the result declaration process in a way that it subsides the curiosity level in the lowest time frame.

Students can now avail their results in two possible ways as given below:

  • IVR

This method requires the person to call on the assigned number. When a person dials the number, a welcome message is played by an automated exam announcement system. It requests the caller to provide his seat number/roll number as the input. Based on this input, IVR server makes a query to the database and subject wise marks/summary of performance is conveyed in about 30 seconds through IVR. The service is usually made available on the day when the board results are announced.

The key benefits that IVR system provides in education industry are: 

    • Results are accessible through landline as well as mobile phones
    • The language of IVR can be customized as per the region of origin
    • Reduces burden on administration authorities
    • Automated services
    • Remote access
    • 24/7 availability
    • Cost effective and timely
  • SMS

One can even avail the examination results through SMS. In this case, the student has to register himself by sending the roll number prefixed with the examination. E.g. RESULTEXAM NAME HALL TICKET NUMBER No. to XXXXX.

Students who do not register can also avail the result details instantly. They just need to send an SMS in the same format and the result details will be published on their mobile at minimal cost of Rs.3/SMS (or other tariff rates as applicable).

The benefits of this arrangement are:

    •   Anytime-anywhere access
    •   Instantaneous availability of result
    •   Ensures a wider reach compared to internet access

Considering the above benefits, we can conclude that mobile phones can serve as better and quick source of result delivery especially in the remotest part of the country. The procedural customization facilitated by mobile phones further adds to the ease.

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