Trends to alleviate the success rates of your Email campaigns.

With the ascent of internet, Email Marketing has become an entrenched part of the marketing mix. May it be small or big, every business is able to reach its potential target audience at a low-cost. However, for optimum utilization of mailing activity as a marketing landscape, it is essential to observe some crucial factors that consequently affect the ROI.

Some of the Email Marketing trends that you can observe for undertaking effective mail campaigns are as follows:

  •  Personalized mails:  In order to increase the probability of inbox mail delivery and open rates, it is preferable to send personalized mails, addressing each recipient individually.
  • Subject line: The success of email campaign majorly depends on the subject line and hence it has to be appealing enough for the reader to open the mail and read it.
  • Precise content: To ensure that the mails are read by the target audience, it is essential that the communication in the mail is kept relevant by using effective subject lines, checking for grammatical errors, “spam” words etc.
  • Integration with social media: Due to increase in social media, its integration with email marketing campaigns just adds another benefit as new target audience can be reached.
  • Call to action: It is essential to include a “call to action” in the mail content to persuade a specific action on the part of the reader.
  • Testing: Before commencing the final campaign, the mail should be tested in terms of the layout, images, analytical codes (in case of HTML mailers) and the links should be embedded properly so that it facilitates easy tracking of the subscriber.
  • Subscription reminder and “unsubscribe” link: Lastly, it is necessary to remind your customers as to when and where they opted-in to receive mails from your side to avoid the possibility of your mail being considered as “SPAM”. Also, do ensure that your mail has an “unsubscribe” link.

With all that said, remember to keep it simple!

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