How mobile usage is revolutionizing the agriculture and health sector

Considering the pool of benefits provided by the mobile phones, it is fascinating to see how India outmaneuvers the world when it comes to penetration of mobile usage particularly in health and agriculture sector. As per the Information and Communications for Development 2012 report, the reason to highlight only these sectors is that both hold intrinsic footprints in the Indian economy without exceptions.

With more than 50% of the total agricultural stratum using basic mobile phones, the service providers are able to provide SMS-related services extensively. There are numerous companies coming up with innovative ways to deliver critical information to the farmers and the allied individuals. The information shared via SMS includes weather forecast, updates on pest and diseases, commodity pricing, market access etc.

According to the World Bank, some of the noteworthy companies to start such initiative are ITC with its E-Choupal and Thompson Reuter’s RML. As a result of such programs, the farmers are not only able to improve the efficiency and quality of their output, but have also reduced the risks in several areas of the supply chain. Its reach has been as high as 40 lakh farmers spread across hundreds of villages in 13 states. As the subscription to these services is through a Toll Free Number, the participation adds upto millions.

The benefits of the mobile usage have not missed to cover the Healthcare sector either. Apart from facilitating better connectivity between the patients and doctors, it has overcome the challenges such as accessibility, quality, affordability, resource matching etc through exchange of information through mDhil. Being an online information platform, it makes available health-related information via mobile web, SMS and digital content at the price of Re. 1/day. As the charges are minimal and in line with the purchasing power, it avails health-benefits to majority, acclaims the World Bank report.

Another remarkable contribution is by Health Management and Research Institute (HMRI) which send across mobile Medical Units (MU) to areas that lack public health care services. This has resulted into increase in coverage by 25% due to its affordability factor while medical treatments have been provided to almost 3 lakh patients over the phone.

To conclude we can say that with such innovative and valuable service providers taking advantage of rapidly growing mobile network, we can expect an incredible/significant transformation in the quality of services. The appeal of mobile phone specially in rural areas, have the potential of changing human lives for good and the best.

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Get most from your marketing investments through Pay for Performance.

Almost every business, small or big spends a sizeable amount on advertising and marketing. To leverage market opportunities, it is essential that such efforts hit the bull’s eye.

Hence, it is essential to reverse the traditional value proposition of a marketing practice wherein you pay much before yielding desired results.  A specialized, result-based marketing solution is the need of the hour to enhance the competitiveness and fetch sustainability in the market.

Hence, VivaConnect introduces Pay for Performance (PFP) solution where you only pay for actionable results delivered to you in the form of leads, clicks or open ratio. Given this reality, it results into equalization of expenses and revenue generation, ensuring you to get most out of your marketing investments. Its capability of keeping the sales pipeline duly filled even during promotional activities in process, gives an edge to your business over the competitors.

The various forms of PFP marketing campaigns that we undertake include:

  • Cost Per Message (CPM): Pay depending on the number of messages that you send via SMS.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC): Pay as an advertiser for each visitor who clicks on one of your ads or links published on the website.
  • Cost Per Open (CPO): Pay depending on the number of emails that have been opened/read by the recipient.
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL): Pay depending on the leads that are generated through campaigns undertaken on your behalf (SMS, Email or Voice). It is when there is a registration, order placement, booking or any action undertaken as agreed upon previously.

The benefits of PFP solution:

  • Payment on lead generation
  • Avail leads that are paramount to success
  • Instantaneous backup during marketing crises
  • Free branding
  • Quality database creation
  • Proficient budget management
  • Risk-free marketing
  • Highly functional for every business type

Taking into account the overall benefits, Pay For Performance (PFP) solution by VivaConnect proves to be a revolutionary model that enables you to get most out of marketing investments.

Using this solution in combination with the expertise, discipline and professional approach, your business is geared up to deliver lasting value, superior ROI and much broader strategic outcome.

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Case Study: Customer Engagement Solution for the FMCG company.

Client profile:

Client is an American diversified multinational corporation engaged in production, distribution and provision of household, healthcare and personal products, apart from oral hygiene products. Being listed in New York Stock Exchange, the company occupies 50% of its market share. Their ranges of products are spread across 4.5 million retail outlets out of which 1.5 million are direct outlets. The company operations are focused towards achieving the goal of using technology for creating products that will continue to improve the quality of the consumers wherever they are.

Case overview:

The company wanted to come up with a customer engagement solution that is both, innovative and effective enough to induce audience participation and product purchase. With a view to gain new customers and increase sales, a television commercial was aired persuading the audience to take up a ‘Taste Challenge’.

Proposed Solution:

In order to execute the campaign, VivaConnect provided a Toll Free Number. To participate, one had to give a missed call on this number which was printed on the toothpaste package and the answer was to be given by selecting the IVR options on “taste” of the toothpaste. Also, one had to recommend telephone numbers of minimum two friends/family members. In return, the participant received a wake-up call from a celebrity for next 5 days (from registration) or a photograph.

From the valid entries, the client randomly selected 50 participants who got a chance to accompany the celebrity at a movie screening.


  • Encouraged responses as the solution was handset independent-one could give a missed call through mobile and landline.
  • The incoming response count was approximately 4 million missed calls.
  • Created a database of active users in real-time.
  • Induced product purchase.
  • Analytic reports facilitated real-time tracking of numbers with details of their region of origin.

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Are Mobile wallets soon to replace plastic money?

By now we have already experienced the convenience facilitated by mobile-based payment options. In order to avail the benefits of mobile banking services, it is essential to have a bank account. However, today, a revolutionary automation in commerce has resulted into introduction of ‘Mobile wallet’.

What is a Mobile wallet?

It a revolutionary service that puts the transactional choice to purchase and transfer money using mobile phones without owning a bank account. Unlike mobile banking, it does not require the user to hold a bank account. Currently, Airtel Money, Oxicash, UBI Money and SBI MobiCash are examples of companies offering mobile payment option, directly by loading cash into mobile wallets at designated outlets.

One can exercise usage of Mobile wallet through:

  • SMS: The customer can send an SMS for activation of account. The PIN received as a response to the message, along with the unique transaction ID or One Time Password (OTP) delivered through voice, can be used for carrying out the transactions.
  • Mobile Application: The customer can download Mobile wallet application which enables him to carry the step-wise transactions using his mobile phone. One can even use bar codes to undertake a transaction.
  • IVR: The customer can simply dial a number and through options laid down by IVR, he can carry out the transactions. Through DTMF inputs, he can even change his PIN as and when needed.
  • WAP and USSD: The customer can also undertake his transaction using a WAP link or USSD on his mobile phone.

It allows subscribers to convert their cell phones into virtual wallets, for utility services such as electricity bill payments, prepaid recharges, digital TV recharge, online shopping, buying movie tickets, etc. For the initial registration, the user has to pay a nominal initial registration fee along with submission of identity documents to complete the KYC procedure.


One of the major advantages of using Mobile wallet is that even when the phone is lost, the balance in the wallet cannot be misused as it involves two-factor authentication mandated by RBI. While undertaking a transaction using a bank account, there is high probability of the entire amount being prone to cyber frauds like phishing. However, such risks are eliminated in case of Mobile wallets as the risk is limited to the value loaded for a particular transaction.

The utility value for the customers who own a bank account is high as they may not have access to Internet but have their mobile phones with them all the time. Moreover, GPRS connections come at a monthly cost which is eliminated in using a Mobile wallet. On the other hand, Mobile wallets are equally beneficial for those who don’t own a bank account as their transactions are not bound by day/time constraints. All they need is to load a sufficient amount of cash and avail the benefits of transfers, payments, drop cheques etc without incurring travelling cost.

Although the hype about mobile wallet is all-time high, there is limited clarity on the cost of the service at present. The simplification of the payment process makes it more preferable, making it a clear game-changer.

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