Case Study: Customer Engagement Solution for the FMCG company.

Client profile:

Client is an American diversified multinational corporation engaged in production, distribution and provision of household, healthcare and personal products, apart from oral hygiene products. Being listed in New York Stock Exchange, the company occupies 50% of its market share. Their ranges of products are spread across 4.5 million retail outlets out of which 1.5 million are direct outlets. The company operations are focused towards achieving the goal of using technology for creating products that will continue to improve the quality of the consumers wherever they are.

Case overview:

The company wanted to come up with a customer engagement solution that is both, innovative and effective enough to induce audience participation and product purchase. With a view to gain new customers and increase sales, a television commercial was aired persuading the audience to take up a ‘Taste Challenge’.

Proposed Solution:

In order to execute the campaign, VivaConnect provided a Toll Free Number. To participate, one had to give a missed call on this number which was printed on the toothpaste package and the answer was to be given by selecting the IVR options on “taste” of the toothpaste. Also, one had to recommend telephone numbers of minimum two friends/family members. In return, the participant received a wake-up call from a celebrity for next 5 days (from registration) or a photograph.

From the valid entries, the client randomly selected 50 participants who got a chance to accompany the celebrity at a movie screening.


  • Encouraged responses as the solution was handset independent-one could give a missed call through mobile and landline.
  • The incoming response count was approximately 4 million missed calls.
  • Created a database of active users in real-time.
  • Induced product purchase.
  • Analytic reports facilitated real-time tracking of numbers with details of their region of origin.

Call 022.42930134 or email at to know more.

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