Get most from your marketing investments through Pay for Performance.

Almost every business, small or big spends a sizeable amount on advertising and marketing. To leverage market opportunities, it is essential that such efforts hit the bull’s eye.

Hence, it is essential to reverse the traditional value proposition of a marketing practice wherein you pay much before yielding desired results.  A specialized, result-based marketing solution is the need of the hour to enhance the competitiveness and fetch sustainability in the market.

Hence, VivaConnect introduces Pay for Performance (PFP) solution where you only pay for actionable results delivered to you in the form of leads, clicks or open ratio. Given this reality, it results into equalization of expenses and revenue generation, ensuring you to get most out of your marketing investments. Its capability of keeping the sales pipeline duly filled even during promotional activities in process, gives an edge to your business over the competitors.

The various forms of PFP marketing campaigns that we undertake include:

  • Cost Per Message (CPM): Pay depending on the number of messages that you send via SMS.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC): Pay as an advertiser for each visitor who clicks on one of your ads or links published on the website.
  • Cost Per Open (CPO): Pay depending on the number of emails that have been opened/read by the recipient.
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL): Pay depending on the leads that are generated through campaigns undertaken on your behalf (SMS, Email or Voice). It is when there is a registration, order placement, booking or any action undertaken as agreed upon previously.

The benefits of PFP solution:

  • Payment on lead generation
  • Avail leads that are paramount to success
  • Instantaneous backup during marketing crises
  • Free branding
  • Quality database creation
  • Proficient budget management
  • Risk-free marketing
  • Highly functional for every business type

Taking into account the overall benefits, Pay For Performance (PFP) solution by VivaConnect proves to be a revolutionary model that enables you to get most out of marketing investments.

Using this solution in combination with the expertise, discipline and professional approach, your business is geared up to deliver lasting value, superior ROI and much broader strategic outcome.

Call 022.42930134 or email at to know more.

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