Phone-based marketing trends to optimize your campaigns.

With mobile marketing opening up a numerous marketing opportunities, it is fascinating to see how companies are using different feature-combinations to drive innovative campaigns. Being centered around the phone, they leave ample scope for marketers to experiment with the techniques that can be used to fulfill the objectives of a particular campaign. Some of the latest trends include:

  • QR codes: These are futuristic patterns on a white background usually found on product packaging, billboards, web pages, business cards, instruction sheets, manuals, T-shirt etc that carries information such as offers, product details, show timings, discount code etc.
  • Push SMS: They are increasingly used by marketers to provide regular updates to their customers, convey promotional offers, transactional details etc.
  • Pull SMS: They are increasingly used for getting feedbacks, voting, registrations, lead generation opt-in etc. The customer has to just reply on a 5 digit Short Code as advertised by the marketer.
  • IVR: This mechanism is used to guide the caller about a particular process through an automated voice call. Through DTMF options, he can give feedback, know his account information, resolve a query, opt-in to a particular service etc.
  • Toll Free Number: It is a free way for customer to reach a particular business. The numbers are usually published on marketing materials. The caller can avail customer service, drop a feedback/complaint, know about promotional offers, store details, upcoming products etc.
  • Missed Calls: This is one of the trends gaining popularity. Through missed calls marketers can capture votes, generate leads and allow their customers to register/de- register to a particular service, receive verification codes etc. 

All the above phone-based marketing trends have proven to be effective in achieving marketing and branding objectives at its respective levels. However, one can expect voluminous benefits if all the above are integrated into a single marketing campaign as follows: 

  • Publish a Toll Free Number through which one can avail discount coupons and vouchers.
  • Once the customer calls, greet him with an IVR followed by a crisp marketing/ branding pitch.
  • Enable him to opt-in to your future marketing campaigns through a DTMP input.
  • In response, they receive a complementary coupon which he can redeem to avail monetary benefits on his next purchase.
  • The real-time database thus generated can be used to undertake Push SMS campaigns that can include QR codes with vital marketing communications.

Having done this, you can expect your marketing objectives being fulfilled in the most optimum manner possible!

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