Improve customer relations by eliminating the wait time blues.

Ever wondered why do hotels place mirrors next to elevators or why do grocery stores place reading materials in checkout lines?

The answer is simple – to avoid longer wait time on the part of their customers.

Research shows that customer’s end up over estimating the time that they actually spend waiting which ultimately affects their experience and purchase decision. Hence, today businesses are constantly chalking out ways to eliminate or reduce such waiting hours to a level that it does not affect the customer in a negative way.

In order to overcome such consequences, we suggest the following tips that can benefit: 

  • ‘CallMe’ Icon:  It is very essential for website owners in general and e-commerce firms in particular to provide their customers with a definite point of contact. One of the ways is to place a “CallMe/Chat” icon on your website. When a web visitor clicks on the icon, he can either request a call or resolve his queries via chat in real-time. This is an effective way to engage with your web visitors as they get your assistance when their buying desire is at its peak level.
  • Interactive IVR: As media is moving more on the interactive and engaging side, the same can be applied in IVR cases as well. While your customers are on hold, you can intimate them about the latest information which you feel they would be interested in. E.g: Give them stock tips, top 5 music hits, movie reviews of the week, technology updates or any piece of information that would spice up their wait time.
  • Creative content: You can even captivate your callers through marketing or branding pitch where you can inform them about your company, upcoming products, community events, recent achievements, little-known facts, fun trivia etc. By providing your customers with valuable and creative content, you can economize each call. It allows you to make the “most” of your time which otherwise meant unproductive.

The bottom-line is that when you engage your callers or web visitors, they perceive their waiting time to be comparatively shorter as against while they are on hold. Hence, by using innovative and interactive tools, one can reinforce the marketing efforts thereby availing positive benefits.

To sustain in a competitive economy, providing good customer service through reduced wait time can be a critical factor in avail customer satisfaction and retention.

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