Case Study: Seminar Registrations on Missed Calls.

Organization profile:

Indian Academy of Management (IAM) is a professional and autonomous institution which has been founded to promote state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise in all facets of management education, training, development and research. With an objective to widespread knowledge, the company undertakes, Management Development Programmes in all areas of Management including Sales, Finance, Leadership, HRM, Supply chain, Import-Export Policy, Logistics and the like. 

Innovative Business Initiative: 

In order to get registrations/participants for workshops, the company advertised the seminar details through Email and SMS marketing. The participant had to proactively request a brochure by calling up the Customer Support. In response, they received the brochure via e-mail. However, this demanded time and effort on the part of the caller. Hence, to extend convenience, VivaConnect proposed its FreeBuzz platform whereby a prospective participant could download the brochure pertaining to a particular seminar by just giving a missed call. The client published an advertisement in a leading newspaper with the seminar schedule along with the respective Toll Free Numbers. The participant had to just dial the Toll Free Number as given against the respective seminar/workshop.


  • The new service lead to increase in the number of registrations as the participant just had to give a missed call.
  • It reduced human intervention throughout the process.
  • Saved time on the part of the caller as he did not have to wait to resolve his queries.
  • It lead to increase in customer satisfaction as they received the required details in real-time.
  • As the service was user friendly – based on dialing and not typing, it was preferred by many.
  • The client was able to keep a track of the incoming missed calls and segregate the same region-wise, seminar-wise etc.

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