Managing your Big Data for effective use in future.

The availability of data in huge volumes and its analysis for decision-making is one of the challenging tasks. A similar issue was addressed by a well-known software product and technology services company, Persistent Systems. During Season 1 of much famous show Satyamev Jayate, the count of responses reached million while there were more than 1 billion impressions on web.

With such voluminous data, conducting a successful data analytics process was difficult. Hence, to give meaning to such data by making it usable, Persistent Systems kept on tweaking the system to manage the diverse data that was received. It created dashboards and meaningful visualizations for producers so that the reliable facts and figures can be deduced about the show. The data storage at the back-end was kept to justify the claims made during the show about the government.

The gist of this article is to understand the importance of effectively managing the data right from the collection process to storage, processing, managing and finally making it available for decision making. The above pattern will be more useful in case of policy decisions undertaken by the government as the nature of data is diverse and just a representation of the entire populace.

Some of the ways in Data Management include:

  • Data storage at the Chip or Data Centre Level
  • Virtualization and the Cloud
  • Data Builder
  • Database Table Audit
  • Label Builder
  • Facility Filtering

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