Two vital metrics to manage under Email Marketing.

If you are company that undertakes mailing activities in huge volume, it is essential to optimize delivery and response rates. Through this article, we would like to share the two vital metrics – High Bounce and Unsubscription rates, whose evaluation becomes a concern as it ultimately affects the success of a campaign.

Bounce Rate: It is the percentage of emails returned to the email server as ‘undeliverable’ due to mistyping or de-activation of email id, or prolonged non-usage of email to an extent that the inbox exceeds the maximum capacity.

Ways to overcome high bounce rate:

  • Check for email validity at the time of sign-up
  • Prune your list regularly
  • Periodic re-opt-ins
  • Send mails to only ‘subscribed’ users

Unsubscription Rate: It is the percentage of users who unsubscribe from your email campaign.

Ways to overcome unsubscription rate:

  • Keep unsubscription process easy
  • Duly comply to CAN-SPAM laws
  • Process the unsubscriptions quickly
  • Use an Unsubscription confirmation mail

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