Food Safety Enhancement through Mobile Solutions.

With the growing awareness of pesticide over-use in the food products, more and more companies are coming up with initiatives to curb down the level of pesticide usage. One such agri-business company-Mahindra ShubhLabh Services Limited (MSSL) which is a mass exporter of grapes, recently launched an innovative approach to manage this issue.

Challenges faced by MSSL:

  • Close monitoring of chemical usage on numerous plots
  • Appointment of field officers to collect information and report the same over 8-10 days cycle
  • Delay in reporting affected overall yield estimates and the business
  • Limited availability of broadband connectivity in rural areas
  • High cost of laptops was unsuitable from an economic perspective

Solution: A Java-based mobile application which enabled field officers to enter and transmit the survey information to a central server in real-time.

Major highlights:

  • Operability by a semi-literate user
  • Installation via Bluetooth
  • Software updation via a normal GPRS connection
  • Data sent to central server through GPRS connection/SMS gateway


  • Higher export volume due to compliance to specified limit usage of chemicals
  • Problem detection at early stages and hence faster resolution
  • Reduction in data collection time from 8-10 days cycle to just two hours
  • Extension of improved services to users

VivaConnect can make available similar solution through its Android-based Field Services Application to efficiently capture, store and manage data in a manner that can be further used for reporting purpose.

  • Enables field operators to log their tasks & conduct surveys using the applications
  • Stores all the stock, sales & receipt entries in the logs
  • Tracking of pre-requisites in the retail store including product storage and employees
  • Flexible Question and answer modules for Data Capture
  • Geo Tagging & Photo capture


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