SBI ATMs soon to be guided by Voice; for easy accessibility to visually impaired.

Complimenting RBI’s objective of facilitating financial accessibility to one and all, NCR Corporation as the largest ATM service provider is soon to transform over 2,500 SBI ATMs to Voice-guided ATMs. This will not only facilitate easy access to visually impaired, but also to those who are bound by physical disabilities.

One of its first ATM of this kind was showcased at a sensitization workshop organized by Xavier’s Research Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC) at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi.

NCR’s ‘Talking ATMs’ are featured in a way that enables safe and independent transaction by a disable person. Designed as per Access for All (AFA) standards, it comprises of accessible key pads, voice-guidance technology, Braille stickers, reading aloud screen messages and multi-lingual capability.

A step further, the ATM is bound by a safety mechanism where the person can blank out the screen to avoid shoulder surfing by a bystander. The ‘Talking ATM’ uses a text-to-speech engine which allows voicing-out the text on the screen in multiple languages for consumer convenience.

The existing SBI ATMs are chosen to be AFA compliant through customization and upgradation with a view to offer convenience to customers with disabilities without any discrimination.

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