Video conferencing enables Bajaj Group to speed up project delivery.

While the Bajaj Group was on the midst of implementing coal-based power plants in U.P, its dispersion across six locations in India posed a problem to the management. One of the major concerns hampering smooth functionality of operations was, delayed communications which further affected major decisions, impacting overall project.

Hence, to curb down the issues posed by the geographical distances, there was a need for a solution that would aid quick communication and collaboration, improving efficiency and speeding up the operations.

As a solution, Video Conferencing was introduced which enabled the management to initiate high quality, ad-hoc video calls at the touch of a screen irrespective of the location. This resulted into high-quality multi-party and corporate level discussions.

Post implementation, the company improved delivery times, reduced travel-downtime manifold by 70% in 12 months. This further enhanced productivity of the employees. The usage expanded to conduct internal meetings, project reviews, HR interviews and training sessions in real-time.

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