Ways to enhance Customer Satisfaction using IVR.

IVR may seem to be time-consuming however; it holds immense potential of making things easier for both-companies and customers, here are few ways for it :

Paying a bill: A company can enable the customer to bill the credit card they have, simply by asking for the security code rather than making him go through a lengthy procedure.

Pharmacies: For refilling prescriptions, the pharmacy can recognize the phone number and based on what medication is in the database, just ask “are you calling to refill ?” Cable companies, telephone companies and utilities in general:

Customers caller ID can be used to identify which services he is using and check to see if those services are working, if not, can route him to the concerned person.

Outbound IVR Notifications: When the company gets close to the point where it has to discontinue utility services due to non-payment of bills, they can use an outbound IVR to alert the consumer early enough to prevent such actions.

Read more examples here: http://blog.angel.com/2011/08/10-ivr-applications-to-improve-customer-satisfaction

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