Tips to design effective Call-to-Action in Email.

One of the principle aims of email marketing is to entice your customers to take an action-may it be as simple as filling a form, newsletter sign-up, visiting your website, making a call or as qualified as making a purchase. All of these prove the effectiveness of the ‘call-to-action’. Hence, it is quiet essential that your designed it in a way that encourages users to complete them.

 Here are few tips that you can look upto: 

  • Words that matter…

Today, more than ‘WHAT’ you say, ‘HOW’ you say it matters the most. The words that you use ought to be motivating enough for the customers to respond. Focusing on the benefits can serve this purpose.

E.g. “Claim your discount here!” sounds more engaging than a mere “Click here!” button. 

  • Using a strategic location…

Using the right script, place it strategically on the layout which may be a website, end of an article, in the email body or a location that catches the attention of the reader.

E.g. For audience to visit your blog, you can only keep its excerpt readable while the rest of the article can be made accessible through a link. 

  • Highlighting benefits…

Having crafted the idea, emphasize on the benefits so that the reader is coaxed to take an action.

E.g.  Register with us to get customized freebies! 

  • Testing before you hit ‘Send’…

To maintain your credibility, always test the link that you provide in your content as it will ultimately affect your conversion rates.

E.g. Send a copy of your message to the internal users and check if the links are active.

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