Lead Generation through Email Marketing.

About the company:
Client is an eminent name in the nutrition and wellness industry – has been rendering its services to people though various health programs for more than a decade now. It has now spread its wings to include 15 centers in Mumbai and 1 in Nasik.

Campaign overview:
With a purpose of generating quality leads, client undertook various marketing campaigns through various communication mediums such as Email, SMS, Voice and Web Ad banners and Words. These campaigns were undertaken by different vendors taking into account market diversity and campaign feasibility.

Due to lack of sufficient responses, the client was in search of a service provider who would undertake similar campaigns and generate quality leads, overall budget remaining the same.

To fulfill the underlying purpose, VivaConnect initiated a basic research on its existing campaigns which were being run. As an observation, it was deduced that ‘database segregation’ and ‘timing of the campaign’ was posing a problem. The trial and testing continued simultaneously as the campaign was being run on Email. Their team was assisted in areas like spam words, mailer designing, relevant content, timing of campaign, subject lines etc. Post these changes, Email marketing campaign was executed with relevant scheduling and database segmentation.


  • Our segregated database and accurate campaign schedule timing lead to a minimum of 45 leads/day on a total email campaign of only 1.5 lacs/day.
  • Positive results were delivered:
    • EPC (Earning per click) increased from 0.12% to 6.5%.
    • CTR (Click through rate) increased from 2.67& to 14.7%.
    • Open Rate increased from 1.5% to 9.4%.
    • Subsequently reduced the spam issue by 58%.
    • New creatives with submission form inside the mailer creative itself increased the respond ratio by 23%.
  • Client receives as many as 54 leads/day in a small confined market like Mumbai.

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