Enhance your business through VivaConnect’s Affiliate Marketing Campaigns.

Amongst various marketing tools, Affiliate Marketing is gaining popularity. This is probably the only medium that offers near accurate targeting and quantifiable success ratio measures to your marketing campaigns. Thus, justifying your spends. This is indeed one of the best Customer Acquisition tools. Whether large corporate houses or SME’s, this tool is now the new mantra for running meaningful campaigns.

With a view to avail you its benefits, VivaConnect introduces Affiliate Marketing Services that aim at delivering measurable results by targeting an appropriate audience. Whats more! You only pay for what you use! You make the choice!

How this works?

  • We have a list of publishers signed-in for Electronic Direct Mailing (EDM) that builds voluminous-quality database.
  • Our dedicated team analysis your requirement, and targets your campaigns to related audience.
  • While we do so, you are ensured of getting maximum exposure resulting into quality lead generation apart from branding
  • Our back-end team is available to assist you in terms of campaign monitoring and performance measurement

Affiliate Marketing Models that you can go for:

  • Cost Per Mail (CPM)- Pay for the number of mails sent
  • Cost Per Open (CPO)- Pay depending on the open ratio/impressions
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)- Pay for the number of clicks
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)- Pay for the leads generated through the affiliate network

Benefits that you can expect:

  • High quality leads generated through targeted profiling of customers
  • Reduced Customer Acquisition cost since we are working on targeting profiles
  • Pay ONLY what you use. Pay ONLY for performance
  • Measurability of the success of your campaign
  • Amplified sales and brand exposure

Your brand, your campaign, your choice…!

To get more details, contact 022.6785 6785 or email us at sales@vivaconnect.in

Voting through Missed Call (Zee Cine Awards 2013)

About the company:

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. is the second-largest Indian media and entertainment company. It is a subsidiary of the Essel Group. Through its strong presence worldwide, Zee entertains over 670+ million viewers across 168 countries. It has completed 100 glorious years of entertaining audiences worldwide and is known for its world’s biggest viewers’ choice awards – Zee Cine Awards 2013. 

Objective of Zee Cine Awards (ZCA):

  • To have maximum audience engagement
  • To ease the vote-giving procedure in an effort to reach wider audiences
  • Propagate the rights of the viewers to choose their favourite actor/film by positioning “Haq hai Aapka”

Proposed Solution:

  • Through Missed Call voting platform, VivaConnect enabled ZCA to launch their voting mechanism.
  • A Missed Call Number was publicized across the country, encouraging the audience to give a missed (free) call for voting purpose.
  • As a response to the missed call, the voter received an IVR (voice call) informing them about the categories and the available nominations.
  • To vote, one had to dial the corresponding touch key.


  • In less than two days of voting, ZCA received a tremendous response with the number of calls/votes reaching millions.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics were other features that enhanced the overall effectiveness of the Missed Call voting platform.
  • Enabled ZCA to have audience as the true adjudicator in deciding the providence of the awards.

To know more about the services, contact us at sales@vivaconnect.in or 022.67856785.