Voting through Missed Call (Zee Cine Awards 2013)

About the company:

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. is the second-largest Indian media and entertainment company. It is a subsidiary of the Essel Group. Through its strong presence worldwide, Zee entertains over 670+ million viewers across 168 countries. It has completed 100 glorious years of entertaining audiences worldwide and is known for its world’s biggest viewers’ choice awards – Zee Cine Awards 2013. 

Objective of Zee Cine Awards (ZCA):

  • To have maximum audience engagement
  • To ease the vote-giving procedure in an effort to reach wider audiences
  • Propagate the rights of the viewers to choose their favourite actor/film by positioning “Haq hai Aapka”

Proposed Solution:

  • Through Missed Call voting platform, VivaConnect enabled ZCA to launch their voting mechanism.
  • A Missed Call Number was publicized across the country, encouraging the audience to give a missed (free) call for voting purpose.
  • As a response to the missed call, the voter received an IVR (voice call) informing them about the categories and the available nominations.
  • To vote, one had to dial the corresponding touch key.


  • In less than two days of voting, ZCA received a tremendous response with the number of calls/votes reaching millions.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics were other features that enhanced the overall effectiveness of the Missed Call voting platform.
  • Enabled ZCA to have audience as the true adjudicator in deciding the providence of the awards.

To know more about the services, contact us at or 022.67856785.

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