5 Reasons why your business should absorb the Missed Call factor.

‘Missed Call’ is the new innovation that is driving success to campaigns of brands and enterprises. While a majority of sectors have embraced it as a ‘bankable’ business opportunity, few apprehensions continue to exist about its success. Through this article we aim to unveil five striking reasons as to why a missed call based service is a must have and not an afterthought! 

1. Widest Coverage:

The active mobile base in India totals to 707.31 million. This metrics provides enough confidence to the marketers who aim at providing missed call based services. Also, people are mostly accompanied by their mobile phones wherever they go. This behavior contributes to voluminous responses and effectiveness of your campaigns.

2. Convenience to the customer:

As the customer is not charged missed call, one can have instant access to your services even at zero prepaid balance. Elimination of wait time blues and delayed responses further adds to convenience, resulting into high utility of services. 

3. Independent of literacy:

The service being based on ultra simplistic concept of dialing, one can expect participation from masses and classes, even those at Bottom of Pyramid (BOP). Even the rural populace can be easily targeted without bothering about the language barriers. 

4. Effective targeting:

The service allows you to implement the concept of SOLOMO (social, local and mobility) in the most effective way. As a marketer, you can communicate to the right consumer at the right time and in the right context/location.

5. Marketing & branding objectives:

Mobile phone is a highly personal medium that enables you to engage with the customer in a way that is appropriate.  Hence, your brand can deliver valuable experiences through instant connect with the customers. The real-time reports and analytics of services give better insights on consumer behavior which can be useful for future marketing activities.

Embrace the change, before it becomes a matter of the past!

Call us on 022.67856717 or email us at sales@vivaconnect.co to get Missed Call for your business.

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