Give your online business a 100% conversion turn around with VivaConnect’s ‘ClickTalk’

This is the virtual world, the internet. Here it is important to remember that your adversaries are just one-mouse-tap away. To stay ahead, it is one of the most pertinent prerequisite to know what the customer or the visitor wants most and what your company does best and then the focus should be directed to where those two meet. As they say, being customer-centric and providing a satisfactory customer service should not be the prerogative of just one particular department, it should be everyone’s job. Especially when we’re talking ‘Business Online’. Unsatisfied customers in the physical world, implies 10 friends might know about it but an unsatisfied customer on the Internet, implies 10,000 friends knowing about it.

When a website comes into the question, the absence of a physical salesperson is already a handicap. Under such circumstances providing a personal reciprocation to a customer who wants more in-depth information would prove to be an icing on the cake. The questions that flock the visitor’s mind, the doubts that he is likely to have should be addressed in a ‘friendly’ manner to make things easier and effortless for the customer. If not there won’t be any complaints the customer will just not come back which implies a direct hit to the business.

Keeping that in mind, India’s leading mobile marketing company ‘VivaConnect’ has come up with a widget to enable enterprises plug the communication gap and facilitate an easy access to a more personalized customer service and generate desired leads. ‘ClickTalk’ assures a 100% increase in transaction conversions and is available for businesses to set up.

It goes without saying that the website should be visually captivating but if the customer is unsatisfied with the user interface and the experience than all the efforts are futile. One must not forget that it is the initial period that’s the most crucial for concluding a sale.

ClickTalk makes tapping your prospective online clients easy as pie. When an online visitor wants to have an in-depth knowledge about your product or service, all he has got to do is click on the ‘ClickTalk’ widget and feed in his contact number. An automated call is received by the sales team. Even if the office is closed, the information is stored in the system therefore a callback can be arranged later as well. And what’s more the customers get connected to your business absolutely free of cost.

Mr Vikram Raichura, Managing Director, VivaConnect says, “To understand the customer, you must first walk a mile in his shoes. Being a customer, I’d look forward to assistance at the time when I first logged into the website, only then I’ll be likely to respond or will consider buying. At the end of it all a customer doesn’t know or care how small and large you are as an organisation, they just focus on the end result that is to be served. It should be an objective to make your product easier to buy than your rival otherwise you’ll find the customers buying from them and not you. That should be the mantra for success. VivaConnect is providing ‘ClickTalk” to the businesses to enable them proliferate like never before.”, Sleek World are some of the business firms that are currently availing the ‘ClickTalk’ facility to gain more online customers. About 20% increase on on site conversions have been noted by the sales team as compared to toll-free callers. Approximately 300 people initiate a “ClickTalk” request daily. With the positive results sweeping in and the consistent growth in the conversion rates, ‘ClickTalk’ will surely be the next big thing when it comes to meaningful communication that maximize the efficiency of the online channel.

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