How a Mobile App enabled Bharti Infratel to reduce almost 90% CAPEX?

It is a fact that mobile phones are ubiquitous and so are the myriad ways in which they are being used as innovative tools for increasing employee productivity, enhance customer service and bring about process efficiency.

Here is detailed look at how an enterprise called Bharti Infratel has set a trend when it comes to usage of a mobile platform to generate better customer satisfaction, increase the business outputs and engaging the audiences with the brand.

The primary requirement of Bharti Infratel was to make sure that the quality checks of the tower infrastructure happens in a timely manner.

Traditionally a quality check person would visit the site with a physical checklist for quality check of towers; cameras to click pictures of the site and equipment placement as per client specifications; laptop and data card to relay all the collected data to the concerned teams for review. The process of providing each and every quality check member with these items was an extra cost.

To do away with this problem, Bharti Infratel brought out a Mobile Quality Checklist app containing all the required checklist criteria needed for the quality check of towers. This app was then loaded on to the GPRS-enabled Nokia or Android handsets with an inbuilt camera that was issued to the quality team. Currently, about 600 employees use this app.

The utilization of the app has enabled Bharti Infratel to reduce the OPEX by 60 percent and CAPEX by almost 90 percent.

That’s because they’re no longer required to provide the quality check guys with laptops, cameras, data card, etc., which costed around Rs 1 lakh in entirety. With the Mobile Quality Checklist App the time taken to submit the checklist back to the concerned system has reduced from one day to almost instantly.

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Source – Information Week, April, 2013