Email Timing and frequency is the key to make it to the top in a consumer’s mind.

In a sublime setting, the email marketing  members enlisted on your system will click on all message right away. But as you know the enlisted members in your list are a bit too preoccupied with all the other things in their day-to-day life and hence they may not recollect for what joy on earth did they sign up for in your list in the first place or they may be receiving emails at a time when there are scores of other messages being volleyed at them.  Therefore it is essential to allot a specific time to your email messages just right.

Two best contexts to judge the right time and frequency.

By allotting a specific time means an amalgamation of two distinct decisions.

1) What are the days and the timings that are best for my email messages?

2) How thick and fast should I send out email messages?

When you get a grasp of the appropriate timing and frequency harmony for your list, you can transmit more i messages with impact.  There are no set rules and practices to follow which would guarantee to accelerate your success quotient. Notwithstanding that, the human brain can always come to the rescue. One can sit back and analyse the situations and come out with a fairly conditioned eventuality.

Plan it all

For instance, one can surely find a schedule and stick to it. That’s because the most significant aspect as far as the success ratio in email marketing is concerned is to be consistent. You have to look for an agenda that works for your company and achieves good reactions from the enlisted members and then repeat it every week or every month. Indubitably, this does not pertain to special discounts or deals, but  your email marketing newsletter should equip you with a steady schedule.

Walk a mile in your subscribers shoes and give importance to their lives

Significance should also be imparted to your users and their lives because your email marketing messages are more likely to be opened when your audience is not bewildered with other messages or checking in, in a chop chop fashion. If your targeted audience is busy mothers, sending them an email message at 10 am won’t do any good. If you’re marketing to small business enterprises, messages on a Friday afternoon will again be devoid of any impact. You have to think through the everyday life of your prospects and then choose a time when they are most expected to have time to open and read your message. Once you understand the lives of your customers you can cull out a proper way  to aim your newsletters and messages at them and  then you can look at your open rates, apprehend your effectiveness and make adjustments

To be at the correct time and place is the key to it all

One of the most effective measures to succeed with email marketing is to make sure your users get exactly what they are looking for whenever they want it. You can do this just by simply letting your subscribers inform you how frequently they like to be contacted.

For instance if you’re sending a weekly blog update newsletter and a monthly in-depth newsletter,your subscribers can let you know whether they would like to be contacted weekly or monthly and hence you can use that information to segregate your list and send content at the right time to the specific email list members. Each email marketing list is unique. Your subscribers will respond best  to a specific frequency and timing of the content.

Finally delve into your analytics and results, deliberate on the adjustments a little bit and take a call according to the need of the hour.