Who knew that a mobile app could increase our sales plus put a smile over my staffs face!

Expresses Bhishma Choudhary of PONCHO, as we all celebrate at a busy PONCHO Indiabulls outlet (Parel). savoring the success of PONCHO Mobile app designed & developed by VivaConnect It’s another feather in VivaConnect’s cap!

Not long ago than 4 months, that he had walked thru VivaConnect’s doors, puzzled figuring out means to improve PONCHO’s service efficiency along with its sales figures. Although skeptical if VivaConnect was the right place to seek a solution for his query, yet he nudged the problem across the desk

Then his goals were

  • Optimization of staff’s time
  • Boosting up sales figure

Then the obvious question – Why a mobile app? 

We knew that we could design an app which would easily snuggle into PONCHO’s existing workflow without hindering their staffs activities. The app would be registering & delivering confirmed orders to the staff. Relieving them from order taking process. Thus giving them much-needed quality time for preparing & delivering orders.

Following numerous brainstorming sessions at VivaConnect, a mobile app was ideated, developed & delivered within a month. Following rigorous testing & modifications, the PONCHO mobile app was launched by April 2013.


App’y ordering!

The response was astonishing! The app’s popularity spread like jungle fire. In its very second month from launch, the mobile app alone fetched sales worth Rs.70,000/- The figures are rising every consecutive month. As of July 2013, there are 350 Active users for Android app while 100 for Apple(iOS) version. The figures are significant considering that ‘ordering via app’ feature is available just to Parel (Mumbai) outlet of PONCHO. Also out of the total orders received, more than 25% of orders are placed through the mobile app


Download the app now

‘Working with VivaConnect has been a great experience for us. We needed a completely new to-the-market solution for an age old industry problem, and the company delivered it in perhaps the simplest way possible. The team is skilled, diligent & amenable, and has gone a long way (multiple times, now) to mold a product as per our requirement. Though the best part has been the interaction with Himanshu who, with his vast experience and keen insightfulness, watches over every development closely and even helps us get clarity whenever required.’ , says Bhishma

ImageAs we finished our celebrations and prepared to leave, we noticed a group of corporate professionals discussing & placing their order over ‘PONCHO mobile app’ sitting right inside the outlet. A subtle smile was exchanged among VivaConnect team congratulating each other conveying We Won!

PONCHO is so happy by the convenience caused by the app, that a special discount of Rs.50/- is offered to all the orders made via app exceeding total of Rs.200/-


User review’s:

‘Great, user-friendly app. Kudos to VivaConnect for this simple, straight forward, user-friendly app! The clean design and smooth functionality leaves little else to be desired. Love it!

Hemangi Roy @ Google play

‘I applaud the Android App that Poncho has made. I have ordered with the App on my phone a few times and hot Poncho box is delivered at home.’  

Gaurav Sharma @ Zomato.com

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