Mobile Apps make life easier!

Mobile apps are taking Indian mobile industry by storm.  Being innovative, descriptive, informative & highly addictive, mobile apps are serving multiple purposes.

The App’t need of the hour

In India, with availability of smartphones for as low as Rs. 5,000/- , there’s a rise in demand for quality mobile apps. According to Google, around 40 million Indians access the Internet through their mobile phones with over 30 million app downloads each week.

Be it informative services for Travel, Hospitality, Cricket, News, Shopping, Entertainment, Trade, Navigation or transactional services of ordering meal, car servicing, bill payments, etc.  mobile apps offer a relief.

BSE goes the app way too

Recently The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) launched a mobile app allowing real time access on market to investors along with 26 BSE indices. Moreover that app allows round the clock tracking of stock price movement with information on top gainers, losers & turnover.  The app is available for Android & iOS users.

Industries are now adopting apps

Mobile apps are going beyond a medium of just customer engagement. Enterprises look over them as a potential regulator assisting their internal operations. Right from employee engagement,  time & inventory management, SAP Integration & troubleshooting.

Mobile apps are definitely here to stay and with right attitude, be it an individual or a business everyone can reap the benefits.

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