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Fact_vivaconnectAn eye opener  😛

Mobile phones have become our endearing companion and an inseparable part of our life. Today they are much more than just a communication device that connects us, Now they define us !

They bring us Facebook updates, convey our moods, Tweet our opinions and share our blues…

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VivaConnect debuts “LiveTalk” with Lacs of people listening to Shri Narendra Modi’s speech Live on Mobile

The event being Shri.Modi’s first public meet since BJP’s declaration of him as party’s Prime Ministerial candidate for 2014 Lok Sabha elections, it drew a massive crowd of 3 lac* spectators towards the venue. The Political party being dedicated towards promoting technological development, they choose VivaConnect’s LiveTalk to empower LIVE audio streaming of his speeches over a phone call.


LiveTalk connected masses with LIVE event via phone call. All one had to do was call on the published number and enjoy LIVE audio streaming of the event. The response was phenomenal!

‘BJP partnered with Innovative firms like Zipdial and VivaConnect and offered a unique mobile connectivity model between vast mass of mobile users and BJP Leadership. On the launch day more than 1 lakh unique callers dialed in 02245014501 to hear Shri Narendra Modi’s live speech at Ex-Servicemen Rally in Rewari.’ says Arvind Gupta, Head of the BJP IT Cell.

During an 3 hour event, over a lac unique callers connected from regions across India via a phone call. A few International calls were also  registered. Callers enjoyed this service at an expense of a regular call without any extra charges!

Catch an exclusive article here at ‘The Mobile Indian‘ exploring the event.



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LiveTalk: it’s NOW, it’s LIVE

Can a CD of A.R.Rahman’s song create the magic of his LIVE performances?

Can cricket score updates over SMS be as interesting as a LIVE commentary?

Everyone would undeniably agree that experiencing an event ‘LIVE’ is the best way to savor it. Said that it’s not always possible to make it to the event, many miss out due to …

  • Unavailability of Tickets
  • Far off Destinations
  • Stuck in Traffic Jams
  • No Invitation, etc.

The reasons would be plenty, yet none good enough for those who eagerly wish to experience the event. So why not give them a chance to indulge over a LIVE platform that’s easy to access from anywhere?

Sounds interesting, even we thought so!


VivaConnect launches another revolutionary product ‘LiveTalk’

LiveTalk empowers LIVE audio streaming of events over a phone call, establishing an on-demand service that connects individuals to a LIVE event regardless of their location. 

All one has to do is call in a published phone number and indulge in LIVE audio streaming of the event.

Right here, Right Now!
With LiveTalk one can have a LIVE streaming of an event over his phone from any corner of the world.

Mobile or Land line, anything is perfect!
LiveTalk offers an extremely user-friendly service which is independent of the device one uses. All one needs is a Phone connection.

Free from Subscriptions
Its offers services without any bondage’s. An individual isn’t trapped with any subscriptions charges.

Normal Call Rates Apply
Astonishingly, LiveTalk isn’t at all a premium service. An individual is just charged for a regular phone call, as per his personal tariff plan. No extra or hidden Charges for LiveTalk users!

Simpler Technology
Absolutely no requirement for high end smartphones, GPRS connectivity or Internet access.

LiveTalk works miraculously for

  • Political Events & Electoral campaigns
  • Social Cause Events
  • Spiritual Meets
  • Music concerts
  • Conferences
  • Business seminars
  • Award shows
  • Sports events
  • Temple Prayers

LiveTalk enables 10,000 simultaneous calls enabling callers to listen to LIVE Audio Streaming of the event.

So, be it a Conference of Doctors discussing future of medical science or A session of spiritual leader sharing pearls of wisdom, with LiveTalk everyone would have a seat reserved!

Mobile Marketing: The Hot spot just got sweeter

Big brands are gradually understanding the impact of mobile marketing. Innovative ideas are brought in for product placements & brand awareness over Mobile platform and to explain this phenomena what better example than ‘Android 4.4 – KitKat

Global markets were sweetly surprised as Google reveled its next version of Android, naming it after famous chocolate wafer bar – KitKat. A sensational collaboration among two industry giants, Nestle and Google.

Android 4.4 KitKat is estimated to be launched by October 2013 along with much awaited Google’s Nexus 5, building up the curiosity even further.


The event brought 2 facts under limelight

  • Mobile marketing works brilliantly for any product
  • Mobile’s reach surpasses any other media of publicity

Mobile is the HOT SPOT

Being an open source platform Android has gained great popularity over past 2 years, especially with growing favoritism of mobile apps. People are choosing Android based mobile handsets due to freedom and simplicity offered by the OS. There are estimated 500 million Android users globally.

Now which other marketing medium could have managed this extent of reach & penetration? Probably none. Its only possible with Mobile.

Thus,  a smart move by KitKat to take their product to millions on a personal level!

Taking it further

KitKat has even introduced a special webpage matching that of Google’s Android homepage. A special promotional batch of KitKat has been introduced in UK markets that gives a chance to win Nexus 7 Tablets or a £5 credit of Google play.

Adding further to the marketing, a big statue of Android bot in a KitKat avatar has been placed outside Google’s Head office giving a visual treat.

We hope that Indian brands are getting the message, aren’t you?

Note: Google, Android 4.4, Google Play, Nexus, Nestle, KitKat are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan plans for SMS based Fund Transfers


As Raghuram Rajan took over as the new Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the prospects appear highly promising for Indian Economy in next 3 years.

The following is an excerpt from his speech that promises a bold future for Mobile Commerce in India.

‘There is substantial potential for mobile based payments. We will set up a Technical Committee to examine the feasibility of using encrypted SMS-based funds transfer using an application that can run on any type of handset. We will also work to get banks and mobile companies to cooperate in rolling out mobile payments. Mobile payments can be a game changer both in the financial sector as well as to mobile companies’

Our new Governor certainly foresees SMS & MOBILE services as a game changer for Monetary Transactions. Considering  that Indian masses have shown very little interest in previous M-commerce initiatives, this step would definitely encourage individuals to carry out transactions through MOBILE Services. Especially with encrypted SMS which assure more security & confidentiality for transacting.

In Raghuram Rajan, we see the much needed leader to take hold of the economy and point it in the right direction.

About our 23rd Governor
Holding a bachelor’s degree from IIT-Delhi, he earned his MBA in 1987 from IIM-Ahemdabad bagging Gold Medals at both the institutes. Followed by a PhD in 1991 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Heartiest congratulations to our new RBI Governor!