LiveTalk: it’s NOW, it’s LIVE

Can a CD of A.R.Rahman’s song create the magic of his LIVE performances?

Can cricket score updates over SMS be as interesting as a LIVE commentary?

Everyone would undeniably agree that experiencing an event ‘LIVE’ is the best way to savor it. Said that it’s not always possible to make it to the event, many miss out due to …

  • Unavailability of Tickets
  • Far off Destinations
  • Stuck in Traffic Jams
  • No Invitation, etc.

The reasons would be plenty, yet none good enough for those who eagerly wish to experience the event. So why not give them a chance to indulge over a LIVE platform that’s easy to access from anywhere?

Sounds interesting, even we thought so!


VivaConnect launches another revolutionary product ‘LiveTalk’

LiveTalk empowers LIVE audio streaming of events over a phone call, establishing an on-demand service that connects individuals to a LIVE event regardless of their location. 

All one has to do is call in a published phone number and indulge in LIVE audio streaming of the event.

Right here, Right Now!
With LiveTalk one can have a LIVE streaming of an event over his phone from any corner of the world.

Mobile or Land line, anything is perfect!
LiveTalk offers an extremely user-friendly service which is independent of the device one uses. All one needs is a Phone connection.

Free from Subscriptions
Its offers services without any bondage’s. An individual isn’t trapped with any subscriptions charges.

Normal Call Rates Apply
Astonishingly, LiveTalk isn’t at all a premium service. An individual is just charged for a regular phone call, as per his personal tariff plan. No extra or hidden Charges for LiveTalk users!

Simpler Technology
Absolutely no requirement for high end smartphones, GPRS connectivity or Internet access.

LiveTalk works miraculously for

  • Political Events & Electoral campaigns
  • Social Cause Events
  • Spiritual Meets
  • Music concerts
  • Conferences
  • Business seminars
  • Award shows
  • Sports events
  • Temple Prayers

LiveTalk enables 10,000 simultaneous calls enabling callers to listen to LIVE Audio Streaming of the event.

So, be it a Conference of Doctors discussing future of medical science or A session of spiritual leader sharing pearls of wisdom, with LiveTalk everyone would have a seat reserved!

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