21-34 .. That’s where to hit with online advertising!


A recent study of Consumer behavior towards online advertising reveals that campaigns targeted at consumers in age category of 35-54 have a success rate of 41%, while the one’s targeted at age category of 21-34 has a whooping success rate of 62%

Youths are the Trendsetters
By engaging the youth with interactive online advertising campaigns, brands can make their mark, create a buzz  and set a trend effectively. The campaigns that connect with youth have a higher probability of being clicked over. Such campaigns gather higher clicks, receive likes on Facebook, are shared on WhatsApp and become part of their lingo too. Impulsive engagement and enthusiasm of youths significantly leverages the campaign.

48% are 18 – 24 yrs old*
Interestingly the campaigns incorporating mobile are found to be all the more effective in taking the message across as 48% of Indian smart phone users are 18-24 yrs old. These youths are highly active over mobile with Social networking, Games and Apps building their area of interest. With growing favoritism of smart phones, new channels are being opened up for advertising and marketing. Hence one can’t afford to overlook Mobile when thinking online advertising.

To sum it up, online advertising must appeal to youths and shall aptly integrate Mobile marketing in their campaigns. After all If it’s a thumbs up from youth, then you’ve hit the spot 😉

M-commerce dictates online shopping

For us Indians, festivities and celebrations are always around the corner. We have plenty of reasons all round the year to Shop and Gift.

Taking a note from our shopping spree, online retail marketing websites have been bang on the spot offering myriad of products as clothes, books, electronics, gadgets and furnishings. Now as the trade converges over Mobile,  it’s simply awesome!

Brands and Enterprises who have established presence over mobile have been greatly benefited.

India’s one of the leading online retail website ‘snapdeal.com’ conducted a study of m-commerce (mobile based transactions) for noting behavior of online shoppers for a span of 6 months. Here are some great insights from the study …

35-45 million average visits every month.

30% orders are placed over Mobile

10x growth in orders over Mobile

75% mobile transactions involve cash on delivery

80% of traffic over Mobile is Organic (Visitors coming directly to snapdeal and not through mobile ads)

and the most interesting

60% of visitors through the Mobile are new to Snapdeal


Its crispy clear that future of e-commerce would be highly dependent over Mobile


VivaConnect’s LiveTalk wins Mobbys Award 2013

Vikram sir - Mobbys
Vikram Raichura poses with his award at the event.


It’s a celebration time at VivaConnect as our innovative product ‘LiveTalk’, wins Mobbys Award 2013 forBest New Service’ in Mobile Industry.

The sheer thought of being connected to a live event over mobile drove us to create LiveTalk. With it, we have invented a medium where a person can dial a number for listening to a Live event held in any part of the world. As our month old product is honored with an award, it reflects potential of the company towards creating innovative mobility solutions. Mobbys award marks as an accolade to our teams efforts, its a honor indeed” – Vikram Raichura, Managing Director.

Mobbys is an annual award event hosted by World Brand Congress, CMO Asia and CMO Council, that celebrates the excellence in Mobile Entertainment and Technology with over hundred participants each year.



Branded apps shall ‘connect’ with customers


The key aspect where most Brands go wrong while ideating a mobile app is when they overlook an answer to a simple question :

What purpose is the app serving?

The answer would invariably differ, but if answered smartly then it will establish a plinth for a successful app.

You see, a Branded App shall offer much more than just the product, they shall go beyond selling, they shall be less about you and more about your customer!

For instance consider a Mobile application of a Pizza Shop. When you design an app having the focus just over ‘ease of pizza ordering’ for the customer, you unknowingly turn down that golden opportunity to establish a connect between your customer and your brand. As you have made it very clear to him through your finely tuned app (going by your belief) that all he can do with your app is ORDER a Pizza and well .. ORDER another pizza. Sadly that’s all!

Rather you could develop an app that talks about Pizza’s, Showcases recipes and methods, Trivia, Facts, Contests, Story sharing section, Discussions and a lot more where one can connect to the culinary art of Pizza’s. While people enjoy engaging with your app, if their stomach starts to crave then they have ever present option of ordering your PIZZA  😉

Now won’t such an app win-over a boring app that is just sale oriented?

So the next time you brainstorm for your mobile app, think about

The connect


That’s where your Branded app lost its track!

Mobile Apps are growing tremendously popular as people shift from feature phones to smart phones. Google Play and iTunes are being throbbed with thousands of new apps every passing month, as brands compete to make their mark. And why not? .. Apps are playful, informative, easy to access and a lot of fun. They can entertain and engage an individual significantly.

Said that, if we talk of your Branded app, ‘What shall it be about? Fun, Selling or Utility?’

Brands certainly seem to like the idea of having playful apps, but being all about play can seriously cut short its shelf life. The craze will eventually fade away and application would turn boring.

On the other hand if your Branded app is just about selling, then it actually fails to engage the customers. As he will open the app only and only when he wishes to use the services offered by you. Knowing that’s all your app has got to offer.

Now you certainly don’t wish your Branded App to get Boring or put on a face of a Sales executive and make a sell. So how shall it be then? What would be the best approach?

The answer follows tomorrow, same spot!

Keep logged in …

Or the smart one’s can of course part their wisdom (in form of a comment) 😉

Mobile Apps are bashing SMS to ground …

app bashing SMS_vivaconnectOnce a hot service within domain of mobile communications is now on the verge of extinction. Studies reveal that mobile users in India, who once were highly addicted to SMS services have shifted to social apps such as Whatsapp, Line and WeChat.

Surprisingly, only 2 SMS are sent each day per user which is far lower compared to 9 SMS sent each day per user in 2011. The figures were discovered through a survey conducted by Nielson (India Region) in July 2013.

Mobile apps easily have an upper hand over SMS services as they set users free from bondage of per SMS charges, plus it allows them to send infinite messages, share images and videos, voice calls, form interactive groups, etc. Now who wouldn’t love that?

The survey also brought to surface following interesting facts

  1. Indians are glued to mobile apps for 27 minutes a day
  2. 62% of smart phone buyers in India chose Android phones

Hence be it Social or Promotional, Mobile apps are definitely engaging masses over their Mobile phones. And why not they are smart, convenient, economical and highly useful.

Mobile Apps are a great means to connect businesses and brands with customers.

Make sure you aren’t left behind !