Google’s Hummingbird pleases Mobile users but would it affect ranking for Businesses?


ImageOn the occasion of its 15th anniversary, Google announced an upgrade to its search engine algorithm (SEO) – Hummingbird.

With Hummingbird the shift is towards intent and semantics instead of just the keywords. This new algorithm makes search results more relevant and useful by fetching appropriate data drawn from insights of user’s social connections, location and previous searches.

‘Hummingbird is the major overhaul to the search engine since it revised the way it indexes websites three years ago as part of a redesign called Caffeine. The redesign will affect the analysis of about 90 percent of the search requests that Google gets.’, says Amit Singhal, A senior vice president at Google ( reports)

Better ‘Voice based search’ for Mobile users
Since population is shifting to smartphones, ‘Voice based search’ feature has been greatly refined. People prefer speaking rather than typing when accessing Google on their mobile phones, says Singhal.

Is your ranking affected?
Google’s last SEO update had left many businesses in awry situation as their business greatly relied over ranking in Google search. Many sites had registered a dip of almost 50% in visitor count as their ranking changed. So any news of SEO update definitely rings a bell for businesses to check their ranking.

Do we hear anyone complaining?

So far, so good.



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