Mobile Apps are bashing SMS to ground …

app bashing SMS_vivaconnectOnce a hot service within domain of mobile communications is now on the verge of extinction. Studies reveal that mobile users in India, who once were highly addicted to SMS services have shifted to social apps such as Whatsapp, Line and WeChat.

Surprisingly, only 2 SMS are sent each day per user which is far lower compared to 9 SMS sent each day per user in 2011. The figures were discovered through a survey conducted by Nielson (India Region) in July 2013.

Mobile apps easily have an upper hand over SMS services as they set users free from bondage of per SMS charges, plus it allows them to send infinite messages, share images and videos, voice calls, form interactive groups, etc. Now who wouldn’t love that?

The survey also brought to surface following interesting facts

  1. Indians are glued to mobile apps for 27 minutes a day
  2. 62% of smart phone buyers in India chose Android phones

Hence be it Social or Promotional, Mobile apps are definitely engaging masses over their Mobile phones. And why not they are smart, convenient, economical and highly useful.

Mobile Apps are a great means to connect businesses and brands with customers.

Make sure you aren’t left behind !



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