That’s where your Branded app lost its track!

Mobile Apps are growing tremendously popular as people shift from feature phones to smart phones. Google Play and iTunes are being throbbed with thousands of new apps every passing month, as brands compete to make their mark. And why not? .. Apps are playful, informative, easy to access and a lot of fun. They can entertain and engage an individual significantly.

Said that, if we talk of your Branded app, ‘What shall it be about? Fun, Selling or Utility?’

Brands certainly seem to like the idea of having playful apps, but being all about play can seriously cut short its shelf life. The craze will eventually fade away and application would turn boring.

On the other hand if your Branded app is just about selling, then it actually fails to engage the customers. As he will open the app only and only when he wishes to use the services offered by you. Knowing that’s all your app has got to offer.

Now you certainly don’t wish your Branded App to get Boring or put on a face of a Sales executive and make a sell. So how shall it be then? What would be the best approach?

The answer follows tomorrow, same spot!

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