Branded apps shall ‘connect’ with customers


The key aspect where most Brands go wrong while ideating a mobile app is when they overlook an answer to a simple question :

What purpose is the app serving?

The answer would invariably differ, but if answered smartly then it will establish a plinth for a successful app.

You see, a Branded App shall offer much more than just the product, they shall go beyond selling, they shall be less about you and more about your customer!

For instance consider a Mobile application of a Pizza Shop. When you design an app having the focus just over ‘ease of pizza ordering’ for the customer, you unknowingly turn down that golden opportunity to establish a connect between your customer and your brand. As you have made it very clear to him through your finely tuned app (going by your belief) that all he can do with your app is ORDER a Pizza and well .. ORDER another pizza. Sadly that’s all!

Rather you could develop an app that talks about Pizza’s, Showcases recipes and methods, Trivia, Facts, Contests, Story sharing section, Discussions and a lot more where one can connect to the culinary art of Pizza’s. While people enjoy engaging with your app, if their stomach starts to crave then they have ever present option of ordering your PIZZA  😉

Now won’t such an app win-over a boring app that is just sale oriented?

So the next time you brainstorm for your mobile app, think about

The connect


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