M-commerce dictates online shopping

For us Indians, festivities and celebrations are always around the corner. We have plenty of reasons all round the year to Shop and Gift.

Taking a note from our shopping spree, online retail marketing websites have been bang on the spot offering myriad of products as clothes, books, electronics, gadgets and furnishings. Now as the trade converges over Mobile,  it’s simply awesome!

Brands and Enterprises who have established presence over mobile have been greatly benefited.

India’s one of the leading online retail website ‘snapdeal.com’ conducted a study of m-commerce (mobile based transactions) for noting behavior of online shoppers for a span of 6 months. Here are some great insights from the study …

35-45 million average visits every month.

30% orders are placed over Mobile

10x growth in orders over Mobile

75% mobile transactions involve cash on delivery

80% of traffic over Mobile is Organic (Visitors coming directly to snapdeal and not through mobile ads)

and the most interesting

60% of visitors through the Mobile are new to Snapdeal


Its crispy clear that future of e-commerce would be highly dependent over Mobile


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