21-34 .. That’s where to hit with online advertising!


A recent study of Consumer behavior towards online advertising reveals that campaigns targeted at consumers in age category of 35-54 have a success rate of 41%, while the one’s targeted at age category of 21-34 has a whooping success rate of 62%

Youths are the Trendsetters
By engaging the youth with interactive online advertising campaigns, brands can make their mark, create a buzz  and set a trend effectively. The campaigns that connect with youth have a higher probability of being clicked over. Such campaigns gather higher clicks, receive likes on Facebook, are shared on WhatsApp and become part of their lingo too. Impulsive engagement and enthusiasm of youths significantly leverages the campaign.

48% are 18 – 24 yrs old*
Interestingly the campaigns incorporating mobile are found to be all the more effective in taking the message across as 48% of Indian smart phone users are 18-24 yrs old. These youths are highly active over mobile with Social networking, Games and Apps building their area of interest. With growing favoritism of smart phones, new channels are being opened up for advertising and marketing. Hence one can’t afford to overlook Mobile when thinking online advertising.

To sum it up, online advertising must appeal to youths and shall aptly integrate Mobile marketing in their campaigns. After all If it’s a thumbs up from youth, then you’ve hit the spot 😉

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