We hope you aren’t among the rest 54%, are you?

The buzzers are buzzing and it’s a wake up call for organizations as employees are earnestly demanding for e-Learning facility over Mobile.

elearning_vivaconnectA survey conducted by Skillsoft, among Indian companies across 20 sectors revealed 86% of the employees prefer to sharpen their corporate skills by accessing  e-learning over their mobile device

However the flip side to this learning curve is that only 46% of organizations in the country provide its  employees with this option out of which 81% are able to effectively apply the skills gained from e-learning. Undoubtedly it’s a superior platform for even putting up new agendas and engaging the workforce divided by location.

Must have for organizations
e-Learning has swiftly moved from desktops to Mobiles offering  easy access from any place & time with 24×7 connectivity. As smarter devices enter the market and cross platform applications evolve, companies in India need to focus over establishing learning tools over Mobile. Its much needed!

And if one is confused on how to do it? .. Then the best way is through interactive Mobile Applications (popularly App’s) for employees. Employees can run the app on their personal device, which makes a way for a smarter communication channel among organization and employees. Moreover it has added advantage through integration with company’s system.

Mobility solutions for Business? .. App’solutely!

A recent study conducted by Vanson Bourne and backed by IT management specialists CA Technologies  reveals that mobile apps are the next big thing that drives the work force and operations for companies establishing a connect for both, Intra-organization and with customers.

The survey that was undertaken by 1,300 IT managers across the globe,  where 63% anticipated mobile apps as the Numero Uno priority for connecting employees or customers. Whereas ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) fetched mere 37% of votes.

83% of the U.S. respondents believe there’s a greater business opportunity through Mobility solutions.

17-24% claimed of tasting success with their mobile programs with higher revenues, lower costs and improved productivity.

A whopping 42% said increased customer demand was the number one driver for mobility initiatives.

The IT expenditure over mobility is speculated to increase by 50% in next 3 years.

Interestingly, 2 years back the emphasis was over mobilizing the employees but now the companies have even added the customers in that circle. All in all, the consensus is that mobility solutions is a must-have for business to succeed.

Source: Apps the New Enterprise Mobile Priority – Survey


India to step-up at 2nd Position by 2014

A report released by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IMAI) and IMRB estimates that there would be over 243 million internet users in India by June 2014, moving India to second place after China, overtaking America.


Thanks to the growing popularity of the smartphones, the number of Internet users in India has reached to 205 million this October.

Mr. Rajan Anandan, Chairman, IAMAI, said, “The Internet in India took more than a decade to move from 10 million to 100 million and only 3 years from 100 to 200 million. From here on, we can hope to develop a robust Internet ecosystem with a multitude of local and global players and a thriving Internet economy. Internet is now, clearly, mainstream in India”

Indians primarily use the internet for communication, mainly for email and social media. Knowledge sharing adds up as second most important use of Internet in India.

42% of rural India’s internet users prefer using the internet in local languages. The high prevalence of content in English is a hurdle for much of rural India.

College-goers still remain the largest users of the internet in India, seconded by youths in age segment of 25-35. As accessing social media, video streaming, music and live news are much in vogue.

Interestingly Mobile has rapidly replaced desktops and Laptops to become the most desired mode to access internet. The statistics clearly show a splendid rise in just three years and we can surely hope for more surprises in 2014.


90, 70, 80 .. Its a number game with Mobile Marketing

Businesses are rapidly taking their products and services to virtual markets of Mobile, and why not? it makes the sale!

Mobile has aided online trade and has emerged as a strong market place for every segment of product in India too, then be it FMCG, Automobiles, Life Insurance or Entertainment. It has been highly successful in engaging masses and increasing the sale.

While it continues to do so, we take you beyond the intricate technology and show why it’s such a great medium.

90 percent of text messages get read within 3 minutes of delivery. (Source: ImpigeMobileStrategy.com)
A Buzz!! Buzz!!  of an sms and you can’t hold yourself back from seeing whose message is it. Isn’t it?

Brands using SMS successfully reach 95 percent of smart phone and non-smart phone users. (Source: GoMoNews.com)
No matter how popular social networking and chatting apps get, sms will never lose its charm.

Mobile performs 4-5x better than online ads (Source: Neilson Study, 2012)
Considering for key metrics such as brand favorability, awareness and purchase intent.

70 percent of mobile searches lead to action within one hour. (Source: MobileMarketer.com)
Everything’s super quick with mobile, search, find and off you go, whereas It takes a full month for the same percentage of desktop users to catch up.

Mobile coupons receive 10x higher redemption rates than print coupons. (Source: GoMobileBook.com)
Now you’ve exchanged the code from your m-coupon for discounts at Movie Theatre, Ordering Pizza and that lovely top and pair of jeans, haven’t you?