India to step-up at 2nd Position by 2014

A report released by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IMAI) and IMRB estimates that there would be over 243 million internet users in India by June 2014, moving India to second place after China, overtaking America.


Thanks to the growing popularity of the smartphones, the number of Internet users in India has reached to 205 million this October.

Mr. Rajan Anandan, Chairman, IAMAI, said, “The Internet in India took more than a decade to move from 10 million to 100 million and only 3 years from 100 to 200 million. From here on, we can hope to develop a robust Internet ecosystem with a multitude of local and global players and a thriving Internet economy. Internet is now, clearly, mainstream in India”

Indians primarily use the internet for communication, mainly for email and social media. Knowledge sharing adds up as second most important use of Internet in India.

42% of rural India’s internet users prefer using the internet in local languages. The high prevalence of content in English is a hurdle for much of rural India.

College-goers still remain the largest users of the internet in India, seconded by youths in age segment of 25-35. As accessing social media, video streaming, music and live news are much in vogue.

Interestingly Mobile has rapidly replaced desktops and Laptops to become the most desired mode to access internet. The statistics clearly show a splendid rise in just three years and we can surely hope for more surprises in 2014.


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