We hope you aren’t among the rest 54%, are you?

The buzzers are buzzing and it’s a wake up call for organizations as employees are earnestly demanding for e-Learning facility over Mobile.

elearning_vivaconnectA survey conducted by Skillsoft, among Indian companies across 20 sectors revealed 86% of the employees prefer to sharpen their corporate skills by accessing  e-learning over their mobile device

However the flip side to this learning curve is that only 46% of organizations in the country provide its  employees with this option out of which 81% are able to effectively apply the skills gained from e-learning. Undoubtedly it’s a superior platform for even putting up new agendas and engaging the workforce divided by location.

Must have for organizations
e-Learning has swiftly moved from desktops to Mobiles offering  easy access from any place & time with 24×7 connectivity. As smarter devices enter the market and cross platform applications evolve, companies in India need to focus over establishing learning tools over Mobile. Its much needed!

And if one is confused on how to do it? .. Then the best way is through interactive Mobile Applications (popularly App’s) for employees. Employees can run the app on their personal device, which makes a way for a smarter communication channel among organization and employees. Moreover it has added advantage through integration with company’s system.

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